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"You slept together?!" 

"Yes we did." You shamelessly answered, knowing that Charlotte was thinking of another thing altogether but made no actions to correct her thoughts. Even if it's your fault for wording it horribly, you're too tired to explain any further. Elijah was already too Red, Red as a human could be. You can't get enough of his flustered face, never enough. It's one of your reasons why you didn't do any movement to correct the Princess' not so innocent thoughts. 

Charlotte was almost too near to the two of you as she looked at you and Elijah. Her eyes were shining, wide and questioning. It made Elijah lean back but it wasn't enough to make him let go of you. You stayed there, letting them do their thing with a mental smirk. 

"I- Not the way-" Elijah tried to correct his cousin but to no available when Charlotte started to celebrate and squeal. Almost jumping around in whatever delight she's feeling, not caring of hearing Elijah's voice trying to reason with her. 

"My virgin of a cousin finally slept with a woman?! This is something worth celebrating!" Charlotte exclaimed and Elijah turned more Red if possible with the revelation of his status. Not that you don't know it already because he's really too much of a goody two shoes that gets too nervous around women. 

"Princess-" Elijah tried to save the last drop of his dignity but Charlotte didn't spare any mercy as she continued. Each second and minute you can see Elijah starting to shrink, shrinking like his dignity. You had the urge to laugh at him and the way Charlotte is near screaming with her voice, rambling and talking to herself, pacing around and throwing her hands around to exaggerate her actions. 

"I need to let everyone know about this, uncle and auntie, my brother and my parents. Oh and even-" Charlotte continued on and on, not even stopping a second. She might as well be a rapper with her speed, all you need to lay out a beat for her and she'll create a masterpiece that can defeat the Chocolate named rapper. 

"What should I do? She totally misunderstood it." At this point Elijah is starting to give up on trying. He finally turned to you but you honestly don't want to help despite being the one who caused the problem. 

You only laughed, leaning in and ruffled his hair. It's quite smoother than you thought but oh well, pretty privileges you guessed. You can't help but feel quite foreign, the lively energy Charlotte and Elijah's comforting presence made you a bit happy. For the first time there's life in your cave, it has living beings. It's not only filled with bones and gems, dead plants and just your lonely self. You have company. 

"It's better if you give up, she seems like she's in the state of her own world. She wouldn't hear you no matter what, she's too deep in her joy. Would you really spoil her happiness now? Be a good cousin." You answered his call for help, but not in the way he wanted. Before he can even say anything in return, you leaned in close to him and placed a sweet kiss to his cheek that rendered him speechless. 

"Besides, I think I'm starting to like you too, oh so pretty boy Elijah." You whispered to him, calling him with his name before retracting when you heard Charlotte call for you. The man looks like he might as well burst and be a canvas of Red at your actions. His hold on you loosened as he became lost and got caught off guard. 

You took this chance to move away, feeling a bit sad feeling his warmth disappear from you. 

"Now excuse me, the dear Princess seems to want to talk to me." With those words, you left him there standing alone in his own world. Charlotte, who saw the whole scene only wiggled her eyebrow before walking towards you, meeting you halfway. 

"I'll just ignore the scene I saw and me getting reduced to a third wheel." She started, clearing her throat before looking at your figure. She knows you hate wearing clothes because of how uncomfortable it is with you, she knows the feeling but she can't let that slip by. 

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