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"I'm so going to have fun ripping you to shreds Sir Williams." With those words, you swung the sword but the man seemed to have some last words that made you halt. 

"Wait! Let's make a deal!" He screeched as he raised his hand in defense, trying to defend himself even just a little. 

Oh god, he's going to die. 

It made the hair in his neck stand up, feeling as the cold sensation of his own blade against his neck, with just a move it'll be enough to make him bleed. 

It amazed him how you can control your strength and movement with ease. 

"A deal? What kind of deal? Make sure it's worth my time or you're truly dead." You didn't dare to take the blade away against his neck, it's a threat that once he tries something you'll cut off his head in a second. 

"I-If you want the curse gone, I can make it happen I swear!" He answered and that got your attention. A feeling of hope bloomed through your chest as you slowly put the blade down. 

"Oh really? Very well, undo it." You said with a strange tone of happiness and intrigue. It made the knight gulp, looking away when the cloak moved a bit and revealed a bit too much. 

"The thing is I can't." 

It erased all hope and tint of happiness as soon as you heard him. You were about to slice his head off yet again when the bastard actually managed to disarm you with that one second of delay. 

You tsked, watching as the sword uselessly landed somewhere far from you. Well there goes your weapon, now you're without any defense. 

You can't fight fist to fist with this man either. He's a man who's used to his body and you're a weak human woman who isn't used to having thin limbs.

You're clearly at a disadvantage. 

"What do you mean you can't? You just said you'll undo the curse!" You shrieked in anger, running towards the man and resorted to choking him instead. 

How dare he make you feel hopeful then crush that hope in mere seconds?! You were going to choke him to death but it proved futile when he only touched your arms and gently pulled them away from his neck. 

It made you curse your weak form over and over again, spouting every and each curse word in each language loudly as you flailed around. 

Sir Williams, as proven a few moments ago, is very strong and very capable that he only stood there as you tried to break free. 

He had an awkward look on his face as he held your hands, listening to you shriek curses in a very unlady-like manner. 

"I don't know yet but I'm the grandson of the person who cursed you so that means I'll have a high chance to undo it right?" He reasoned and it made you silent in thought.

What he said is true, having the same blood running through his veins will increase the chance of success. 

"I know I called you foolish but now I take that back because you do have a point." You said, calming down and stopped flailing your arms. 

You placed your hand under your chin as you're thinking of the future. What if this proves futile and all efforts are all in vain? Heck you're going to wreck havoc then. 

But what if it's true, then you'll swear loyalty to him as payment. A dragon is a loyal companion once you get their trust and you really hope and don't hope at the same time that this man will succeed. 

You want to get your curse undone but you don't want to swear loyalty but what can you do, it's the law of dragons. 

But you'll think of that later, all it matters is reversing your curse so you don't have to live like this.

"Thank you?" Williams doesn't know whether to accept your compliment, was it even counted as one? 

"Welcome human but then again, how will you do it? The reversal of this damned curse?"

"I'm pretty sure my grandfather has some kind of record in his journals. I'll have to research and study for it."

"I knew Gandalf would have journals. He's a total nerd." You murmured, rubbing your stomach. You didn't even know why you did it, Gandalf is long gone from your stomach. 

"Gandalf?" Williams is confused yet again with your choice of words. Why do you keep calling his grandfather Gandalf?

"Your grandfather Johannes." He only made a sound of understanding. It's weird, looking at the dragon turned human that ate his grandfather. 

It made him guilty, feeling this type of way to a Dragon who gobbled many people and destroyed many empires. 

"But Y/N of the north, before I help you undo your curse, I need a favor in return." 

"Tell me what you want, human." 

His eyes that felt like burning holes through you are getting intimidating as his gaze turned serious. 


Date : 12/16/21

Status : Unedited 

Note : You guys seem to like this so here's the promised short chapter 2!

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