"So human, do you have any other ideas where this princess could be?" You asked Williams, sitting down at the Knight's sleeping bag. What a gentleman, you can't help but think. 

You have to admit, this cushion is very comfortable, sleeping at the cold rocky surface of your cave is nothing compared to this haven. 

You don't know where the knight will sleep now but he told you not to think of it. He said you should just settle down in his sleeping bag without much thought since he insisted himself. 

It's covered with his scent, his scent is quite comforting. A mixture of Earth and cinnamon. You don't know how he got that type of scent but it's really comforting. You had the urge to snuggle up to his cushion but you stopped yourself. 

Your ego could never. 

You both are sitting side by side, quite close to the warm bonfire he made with his magic. He's quite skilled, maybe it's the skills he got from his wizard grandfather Johannes. 

Such a shame the old man got eaten by you. Heh, a real shame, a wasted potential. 

It's already at the middle of the night and it's no longer that cold with the bonfire providing heat. Maybe having a human here isn't bad after all. 

You can't cast any proper magic with your human body thus you've been freezing for the past hundred years every night. This is the first you didn't. 

"I'm very sure that it's a dragon with the same color as you. Thus the reason why I came after you." He explained sheepishly, feeding another wood at the fire. He's a lot more comfortable with you as he got rid of his armor. 

He was wearing a simple dress shirt and black slacks. He's quite charming now that you saw him without all those armor and helmet. He looks quite soft unlike the other masculine knights you have fought. 

They ooze out manliness but this man only oozes charisma and chivalry. A very pretty boy with light hair and eyes that can be compared to the ocean's mystical color. 

The same color as his grandfather's. 

His long eyelashes and soft pale skin made you envy him, he doesn't suit being a knight with that soft look. He'd be better off being this shy male concubine or something. 

Though his skills did tell you that he deserved being called a knight, he's also the person sent by the empire. Then that means he's the best of Knight and they're not wrong for sending him, he almost killed you. 

It's as if his bloodline was fated to at least defeat you in a way or another. 

Johannes cursed you successfully and made you suffer years even after his death. Now his grandson is here, almost killing you with his sheer determination and skills. 

"A dragon with the same scale color as me?" You asked the man, shifting your position. The cloak almost slipped down from your shoulders yet again, causing you to pull it up. With nothing to wear, you're stuck at covering yourself with the cloak. 

It's not like you can wear anything. You refuse to wear some uncomfortable one's after all. Though if the season got colder, you'll consider. 


"Yes." Williams nodded, shifting his eyes away from you like he always did when his cloak keeps slipping down. The same faint red tint appeared at his cheeks and down to his neck. 

This man clearly hadn't seen any women naked before even with his envy worthy features. With looks like that and the fact he's a knight, you thought he's some kind of Playboy or at least did it with some pretty girls. 

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