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"You told me during our battle that you don't have Princess Charlotte in your hands." Williams started seriously and you scoffed while crossing your arms, shifting in your weight to your other bare leg. 

"Damn right human and yet you still continued to attack me. Me, a peaceful dragon!" You exclaimed and the knight could only bow his head in shame. 

He's ashamed of course he is, he thought that you're the dragon that snatched the princess that day but it seems he's gravely mistaken. A knight, someone who's known to be chivalrous, just attacked an innocent dragon. 

Not entirely innocent since this is the same dragon that ate his grandfather. Elijah Frendel Williams' consciousness keeps nagging him for what he did. 

"But anyways continue." You shrugged, if you don't play it nonchalantly, you'll burst out and might want to attack him again. Besides, he's overflowing with regret. It's easy to see since he's very expressive and not entirely stoic. 

"Right. If that's true then will you please help me find where she could be?" With your words, the man snapped from his guilty stupor and raised his head. His twinkling eyes weren't that hard to see. 

"You want me to rescue a human?" You raised your eyebrow. You wanted to scoff, you're a dragon who's known to eat humans and cause havoc. Saving humans isn't your thing, your dragon ego can't take it. 

"That's right." He nodded, serious. You admire this man's determination to save his princess but it isn't the first time you saw someone like him. Some of them mostly ended up in your stomach but you do remember their names and titles. 

Oh well, trying something new doesn't seem that bad besides you're bored of being stuck in one place for a hundred years. An adventure would be fun and after all, this is for the reversal of your annoying curse. 

"Sounds good to me, anything to reverse this damned curse." You said, nodding in agreement. Williams who thought you're going to disagree and get angry can only sigh in relief. 


"Good, sigh in relief. A mere human like you shouldn't be at ease in front of a dra-" You started to puff in pride but when you noticed the knight starting to shift in his place, you stopped and cleared your throat. 

"Ahem, anyways what benefit will I get in exchange for my assistance?" You asked, trying to stop yourself from bragging and letting your huge ego out. You clutched the cloak he had given you closer to your body as the cave was starting to get colder. 

You have slept naked for many times but you just can't get used to it. No matter how much you tried to. You want to try wearing clothes but you're quite uncomfortable doing so. The tight corsets and everything isn't just your type. 

It's one of the things you hated the most when you became human every night. There's this thing too where you bleed at every month, your stomach hurts and you start to get more moody. 

You have greatly underestimated humans sometimes, you don't know how they can even handle these types of things in their whole short and ant-like life. 

But you really can't go help Williams being naked right? Looks like you really need to get used to it no matter what. It sucks but anything to get your curse removed. 

"The Empire would be in debt with you and it'll allow me to search freely about your curse." William said and it made you perk up and this time your ego flared yet again as you laughed loudly, almost startling the man. 

He can't stare at you directly, not when you're wrapped in his cloak with nothing underneath. Alone in a place, a woman and a man, he shook his head at the thought. He wanted to smack himself for thinking like that. 

"An Empire in debt with me? Hah! When and where do we set human?" You said almost excitedly, hearing your high pitched human voice made you feel strange and cringe. You can never get used to it, never. 

Though the idea of going on an adventure with a knight, saving a princess -unfortunately-, having an empire indebted with you then getting your curse removed made you almost shake in excitement. 

"I was thinking uh, planning with you for a bit so we know what we're going to do." Though the knight made you raise your hopes and crush it yet again in mere seconds. It erased the excitement you felt and your face became ridiculously stoic, different from the previous beaming look. 



Date : 12/18/21

Status : Unedited 

I didn't know you guys will love this short prompt I made so I didn't habe a proper idea how to continue this but don't worry, there's ideas creeping through my mind! 

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