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The first thing in the morning you heard was panicked screaming, terrorized, and frightened screaming of annoying humans that pierced your ears causing you to flick your tail in irritation. Of course, that only caused more screaming and you grumbled, opening your eyes in irritation. 

You no longer feel comfortable like before, all you felt was this hateful feeling of being on top of hard concrete or something. That was then you came to an abrupt realization and you sprang up, causing more distraught screaming from people.

Of course, this made you more and more irritated but somehow nostalgic. The screaming of people was always a masterpiece of harmony for you but really, so early in the morning, they're screaming?

Oh, wait.

It's morning, you turned back to your real body and that will surely frighten the civilians who finally saw a dragon so close up and not just in some fairytale their crappy ancestors concocted. Trust me when I say those stories have so much inconsistency and stereotype you can't even bear to listen to one.

"Shit chicken breasts." You cursed as you stood there in your huge body, watching as people panicked around all the while you were there like a statue in the middle of a destroyed castle. 

Your bedroom is gone, the nightgown, your precious bed too. They're simply too small for you.

This made you make an emotionless expression as you sighed in retirement. You want to smack yourself for forgetting something so important like this, the bed was so comfortable, and bewitching it brainwashed you to forget everything there is.

What a devil, what a comfortable bed could do to a mighty (not really) dragon like you. Yeah, you're still as narcissistic as before to the point you'll blame the bed for your mistake but anyways that's beside the point here.

"A dragon! A dragon has come to terrorize us!" A super overreacting civilian that you realized was a maid, screamed and screamed that her voice had become hoarse.

Not a good choice really, if a dragon came to attack don't draw much attention to yourself. If it's back in the days these types of people would be in your stomach by now.

"Sheesh stop panicking, if I'm here to terrorize this empire then you would be a human barbecue by now." You rolled your eyes, watching as the human stiffened and turned towards you with frightened eyes before promptly fainting.

Yep, telling her that she'd be a human barbecue didn't help at all. You suck at this kind of stuff, some things never change, do they?

You had the urge to laugh at the display but restrained yourself from doing so. You destroying half of the castle and possibly killing people will decrease your chance of being freed from your curse. The Imperial family will surely hate you if you end up causing too much trouble then you'd be a dead barbecue dragon.

You let your magic sweep over the entire perimeter of the damage you caused, trying to detect if any civilians are stuck in the rubble or if any are killed. You tried not to move that much, one movement will surely cause more chaos. If you act like a statue they will think- well now that's stupid.

"31 injured, 0 killed." You said, opening your eyes as you finally stopped your magic from flowing, it only made the useless knights and weak magicians that came to fight you stiffen. Oh, you hope they don't faint. 

Wait, they did. Yikes.

You wonder where's Elijah and the imperial family though. Man, they do react slow, this is probably why someone as weak as Kierkegaard managed to kidnap Charlotte.

"I guess I have to heal these people or else I'll get in trouble. Unfortunately." You said with a retired tone, you already miss your brainwashing bed. You seriously need a new one and something to keep you from forgetting your curse.

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