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This is the first chapter of "Teri deewani" .

I am new writer here so there would be so many grammatical mistakes.. So please correct me if you found any mistakes.

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चाहे तुम कुछ ना कहो, मैने सुन लिया
के साथी प्यार का मुझे चुन लिया चुन लिया..
पहला नशा.. पहला खुमार..
नया प्यार है.. नया इंतज़ार
कर लू मैं क्या अपना हाल
ऐ दिल-ए-बेकरार ,
मेरे दिल-ए-बेकरार, तू ही बता।।✨❤️


"SIYAAAAAAA I AM GIVING YOU LAST WARNING!! GET UP NOW KUMBHKARAN. Wake up you are getting late. It's your first day you can't be late."

Tara screamed at her daughter who was just sleeping like a log. Meanwhile she just covered her face with duvet.

'Why this women can't let me sleep peacefully!!' She thought.

"Mummy let me sleep for few more minutes" She said and buried her face in pillow.

"Ok let me call your father" Saying so she left from the room.

After few minutes Harsh entered inside her daughter's room and found her brushing her teeth.

"What happened papa? " she asked with most innocent face.

Nodding his head negatively Harsh went out from room. She sighed in relief.

"Yaar ye mummy har baar papa ko kyu bula leti hain" She murmured while brushing her teeth.

[Why mummy always call papa!!]

She looked at Ritika who was sleeping peacefully and smirked.

"Asli maze to iske hain... school jane ka koi tension nhi!!! I also want to go to college..mummmyy I hate this school" she whined looking at sleeping figure of Ritika with jealous face.

[She is enjoying her life. Without any tension of school!! ]

After brushing her teeth she knocked the door of washroom.

"Divya how much time you will take !! Get out!!! I can't control moreeee!! My stomach is aching " She shouted at her sister who was inside the washroom from 10 minutes.

"Please do it fast" she again shouted and jumped controlling herself "Ouchh!! Don't jump siyaa!! " she mumbled while sitting on a chair holding her stomach.

As soon Divya came out from washroom Siya ran inside cursing Divya "Taj Mahal bana rahi thi kya andar!!"

[Were you building taj mahal inside the washroom?]

After sometime Siya came out from washroom wearing her school uniform and found Ritika was making Divya's two pony and Divya was sitting on floor.

"Come i will make your hairs" Ritika said to Siya who take a comb and started coming her hairs.

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