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उसे जरा सा भी पढ़ लो,
तो शायरीजाए
अभी ग़ज़ल की मुकम्मल
किताब नींद में है
बला का हुस्न गजब का
शबाब नींद में है।।✨💗

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The next morning, the Malhotra family arrived at the railway station, laden with all their luggage, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the groom's family.

"Ye Arushi kab aayegi yaar!" Siya asked, sitting on a chair.

[When will this Arushi arrive?]

"Arushi ka bahana kya bana rahi hai? Direct bol na ki Shashwat bhaiya kab aayenge!" Richa said sitting beside her.

[Why are you giving excuse of Arushi. You can ask directly that where is Shashwat bhaiya.]

"Le aa gaya tera hero." Ritika said.

[See your hero arrived.]

Siya's face lit up with joy as she spotted Shashwat walking towards them, accompanied by his family and relatives. He was dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans, a casual yet charming choice. As the two families came together, their eyes met for a moment.

"Why are you looking at her? Tujhe to koi interest nahi tha na ? To mat dekh usse." Akash whispered in his ears, covering his eyes with his palms.

[You don't have any interest in hee. Right? So don't look at her.]

"Haan haan mat dekhiye." Darsh said who was standing other side of Shashwat.

[Yes don't look at her.]

"Tu pagal ho gaya hai kya? I am not looking at her..wo just my eyes fell on her." He said removing his palms from his eyes.

[Are you Mad? ]

"Ohh yes yes we believed you." He said sarcastically and Shashwat rolled his eyes.

"Accha? Vaise Akash bhaiya told us that aapne Siya didi ko answer bataye." He asked with a teasing smile.

[By the way Akash bhaiya told us that you helped Siya didi in exams?]

"Arre yaar! Akash tu apna muh band nahi rakh sakta? Usko confusion ho gayi thi that's why I told her otherwise she would fail." He replied.

[Can't you keep your mouth shut? She was confused that's why I helped her.]

"Accha? And why do you care?" Darsh asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Wo..I don't. But still she is Reyansh's sister so I thought to help her." He replied, stammering.

"Ohhh?? Darsh you know when we were in nursery class , maine isss bas ek question puch liya tha par iss dhokebaaz ne ma'am se complain kar diya tha that I am cheating. Mera itna dil toota tha uss din. " Akash said .

[When we were in nursery class I asked him a question in exam he betrayed me and complained to ma'am. My heart was broken that day.]

"Arre wo..I didn't tell her . Ma'am ne pucha tha to maine bataya tha ." He replied.

[Ma'am asked me that's why I told her.]

"Han haan bana le bahane. Tu to paraya ho chuka hai. Usse khud cheating karvayi aur maine ek answer puch liya tha to complain kar diya tha. Yahi dosti yahi pyar!! Issi din ke liye tujhe 9 maheene apni kokh me rakha tha maine?" Akash said dramatically.

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