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उम्रे लगीं कहते हुए, दो लफ़्ज़ थे इक बात थी
वो इक दिन सौ साल का, सौ साल की वो रात थी
कैसा लगे जो चुप चाप दोनों
हो पल पल में पूरी सदियाँ बिता दे💗✨

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In the bustling reception, amidst the chatter, Shashwat discreetly messaged Siya on Instagram, asking her to meet him on the terrace. Siya, catching the message, glanced at Shashwat making his way upstairs.

Under the ethereal glow of the moon, Shashwat found himself standing alone on the terrace, immersed in a silent reverie. The tranquil night air was disrupted by the delicate symphony of anklets, a sound that reverberated through the stillness and brought a subtle tension to his heart.

As the soft jingling approached, Shashwat turned to discover Siya, the embodiment of grace, standing there with a palpable sense of vulnerability. Her pallu, usually draped with confidence, now fidgeted nervously in her grasp as she cast her gaze downward. A knowing smile played on Shashwat's lips, recognizing the power he held to transform the bold, talkative Siya into a blushing spectacle.

With a subtle gesture, he invited her to stand beside him. Siya, guided by a mix of trepidation and anticipation, took small, hesitant steps towards him. In that delicate dance of emotions, she joined him, and together, their eyes met the moon's gentle radiance.

As she stood there, still lost in the captivating dance of lunar beams, she asked, "Why did you call me? Kuch kaam tha?"

"Kyun? Bina kisi kaam ke tum mujhse miloge nahi?" he responded, his gaze fixed on her with an affectionate intensity.

["Why? Won't you meet me without any reason?"]

"Nahi," she replied, her voice a gentle breeze in the tranquil night, her eyes lingering on the celestial orb.


"Nahi?" he pressed, a soft amusement playing in his voice.


"Nahi matlab wo vala nahi nahi... dusra vala nahi," Siya explained, a subtle nervousness evident in her demeanour. She stole glances at him, her words hanging in the air. Intrigued, he raised his eyebrows, silently urging her to elaborate.

["No, I mean not that one... the other one, no."]

"What?" he inquired, a genuine curiosity colouring his confusion.

"Arre, I mean... aisa nahi hai... you don't need any reason," she spoke with a soothing softness, her gaze seeking refuge in the intricate patterns of the terrace railing. His chuckle, like a melody, resonated in the stillness of the night.

"Mishti..." he called her, the endearment rolling off his tongue like a gentle caress, and once again, her heart skipped a beat, an involuntary dance to the rhythm of that cherished name. Damn, that name always had the power to paint her cheeks in hues of warmth.

"Hmm?" she replied, her gaze still tethered to the moon, the silver orb casting its radiant glow over the night.

Shashwat, with a gentle turn, faced Siya whose gaze remained fixed on the moon, a serene smile playing on her lips. As he observed her, captivated by the moon's reflection in her deep, brown, chocolaty eyes, a tender warmth spread across his features.

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