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क़दमों को संभालें, नज़रों का क्या करें?
नज़रों को संभालें,
तो दिल का क्या करें?
दिल को संभाले ज़ुबाँ
इश्क़ हुआ ही हुआ
ऐसी चली जब हवा,
इश्क हुआ ही हुआ।।✨❤️

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After changing into fresh attire, the group gathered at the kitchen to embark on their punishment of preparing food. As they settled into their designated places Arav said,

"Sabji to thodi si hi bachi hui hai." he observed.

[There is only a little vegetable left.]

"One of us should go and buy them." Shashwat suggested.

"Reyansh, Arushi, tum dono jaa ke vegetables lekar aao, tab tak ham baki sab karte hain." Akash said and they both exchanged glances and then nodded their heads.

[Reyansh, Arushi, both of you go and bring vegetables, meanwhile, the rest of us will do other things.]

"Chalo," Reyansh agreed, and Arushi nodded, following him.

[Let's go.]

"Tab tak ye bachi hui sabji kaat lete hain," Ritika suggested, and the rest of the group busied themselves with their assigned tasks. Siya and Divya took on the vegetable chopping duty, while Akash and Darsh prepared the flour for rotis. Shashwat joined Richa in making kheer, and Arav and Ritika teamed up to prepare pulao.

[Till then we should chop these vegetables which are left.]

As the preparations unfolded, Akash couldn't help but comment on Siya's chopping skills.

"Siya Didi, aap sabji kaat rahi ho ya uska murder kar rahi ho?" She said, looking at the somewhat unconventional state of the chopped vegetables.

[Siya Didi, are you cutting vegetables or committing their murder?]

"Hehe, that doesn't matter, jana to pet me hi hai." She replied with a sheepish smile while everyone shook their heads smiling.

"Akash, what are you doing? Ye pura aata geela kar ke rakh diya hai tune. Tujhse jada to Darsh ko aata hai , see he is doing better." Shashwat said looking at the condition of flour.

[You've made the whole flour wet. Darsh is better at handling flour than you.]

"Siya, Akash, tum dono rehne do. Aise kaam karoge to ban chuka khana. Go and grind the spices, you both. And Divya, tum aata laga do, and I will chop the vegetables," Ritika directed, and they nodded with a slight pout.

[Siya, Akash, both of you leave it. If you work like this, the food will be ruined.]

Moving towards the mixer grinder, Siya and Akash began their task. Everyone else got busy with their respective chores when suddenly, a loud commotion erupted. Whole spices were scattered on the floor, in their hair, and on their clothes.

"What the hell! Ek kaam to dhang se karo yaar. Ye kya kar diya tum dono ne?" Richa yelled, and everyone rushed over to see the aftermath.

[Do one thing properly, guys. What have you both done?]

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