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आँखों की गुस्ताखियाँ माफ हो,
इक टुक तुम्हें देखती है,
जो बात कहना चाहे ज़ुबां,
तुमसे ये वो कहती है।।

आँखों की शर्मा-ओ-हया माफ हो
तुम्हें देख के छुपती है ,
उठी आँखे जो बात ना कह सकीं ,
झुकी आँखें वो कहती है।।✨

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In the midst of the night's conversations, Shashwat felt a desire to talk to Siya. However, she was engrossed in a conversation with Vihan, unintentionally making him a tad bit jealous. He longed for her undivided attention, a desire for her to be solely focused on him.

Every time Siya spoke with Vihan, she seemed to overlook Shashwat, never meeting his gaze. Despite the apparent distraction, Shashwat found solace in the fact that Siya's attention, whenever directed towards him, was unwavering, just as it always had been.

Yearning for a private moment, Shashwat contemplated inviting Siya to the garden side. Yet, he faced a dilemma-without her WhatsApp number and with her phone in Ritika's possession.

"I'm heading for a walk in the garden. Anyone's welcome to join," he casually declared, his eyes darting towards Siya, who reciprocated with a knowing glance.

"Haan chal na we are also coming." Arav said and others also offered their company, making his smile falter .

"Actually, I need some alone time." He said while Siya controlled her laugh looking at his expression.

"To pehle bulaya kyun?" Reyansh asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

Shashwat gracefully moved towards the entrance. Just before stepping outside, he turned his head, locking eyes with Siya, who had been watching him intently.

' Should I go?? But what if he didn't called me and I just misunderstood? Hamara to popat ho jayega. But in morning he said that he wants to meet me. And looking into his eyes it was clear that he was saying something to me. Siya jo hoga dekha jayega.' She thought and stood from her place.

"I got a call by my friend. Aate hain ham." She said and her friends glared at her.

"Kon friend??" They asked in unison.

"Arre purane school ki friend hai bas, best friend nahi. Maro mat jal jal ke." She said rolling her eyes and left from there.

In the quiet serenity of the night, Shashwat was sitting on the cold grass, his gaze fixed upon the moon. He looked down with a sigh as fifteen minutes slipped away but she wasn't arrived yet.n. With a disappointed sigh, he muttered, "I don't think she will come."

Just then the echo of her footsteps reached his ears, quickening his heartbeat. Alone for the first time, Shashwat, a typically confident topper, found himself inexplicably nervous.

In a serene exchange, Siya quietly settled beside Shashwat on the grass. Together, they directed their gazes towards the moon, the silent companion in the night sky.

'Bula to liya ab baat to kar stupid!' His mind scolded him.

[Talk to her now.]

'Ye to kuch baat hi nahi kar rahe hain. To tu hi kar le na Siya.' She thought and looked at him and she discovered him already looking at her.

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