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किस क़दर ये हसीं ख़याल मिला है
राह में इक रेशमी रुमाल मिला है
जो गिराया था किसी ने जान कर
जिस का हो ले वो जाये पहचान कर
वरना मैं रख लूँगा उस को अपना जान कर
किसी हुस्न-वाले की निशानी मान कर।।✨🌸


*Shashwat's POV*

During lunchtime , I was standing near the water tap, maintaining the line of Students. Suddenly my attention was diverted by the sight of Siya, moving towards the water tap, seemingly flipping her I'D card and talking to Arushi and Richa.

Wait what?? ID card?? How? She was saying that she hadn't brought her ID card.

A sudden realisation dawned as I reflected on the morning's events. Siya, who had earlier said that she hadn't brought her ID card, was now flipping it casually. And suddenly I remembered that she was keeping something inside her pocket secretly. That means she was hiding her identity card. But why? Why did she want punishment without any fault?

Was that because she wanted to stand near me? No no!! No one wants to get punished for just standing close to someone.

But she can.

"Tujhe lunch nahi karna kya? Chal canteen me." My thoughts were broken by Reyansh's voice and we headed towards the canteen.

[Don't you have to do lunch? let's go.]

*POV ends*

The canteen buzzed with activity as Siya moved towards the line.

"Bhaiya ek cold drink dena." She ordered.

[Give me one cold drink]

"We have only one canteen left and he ordered it first." The man said pointing at Shashwat who was standing just beside her already looking at her. Siya felt a sudden rush of excitement as an unexpected encounter made her stomach flutter .

"It's ok tum le lo. Bhaiya give this one to her." He said and left from there before she could deny like last time.

[It's ok you can take it.]

Siya took it and approached the table where he sat with his best friend.

"Bhai aaj ham aapke sath ghar jayenge." She said leaning towards Reyansh.

[Bro I will go home with you.]

Reyansh nodded, and she left their table. Shashwat, glancing at his lunch, noticed a cold drink bottle placed there.

The memory of leaving bread pakora for her flashed in his mind as he felt a sudden flutter in his stomach as a soft blush painted in his cheeks. A shy smile played on his lips as he picked the bottle of cold drink.


In the bustling classroom, the chemistry teacher was explaining to them the chapter of atomic structures while Siya , Arushi and Richa were passing notes to each other discussing their outfits in wedding functions.

"Aree Sangeet me ham teeno lavender colour ki dress pehen ke twinning karenge." Arushi wrote on the last page of her notebook and passed it to them.

[In Sangeet we will do twinning by wearing lavander colour's dress.]

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