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पिया तोसे नैना लागे रे,
नैना लागे रे
जाने क्या हो अब आगे रे,
नैना लागे रे
पिया तोसे नैना लागे रे।।❤️✨


Only one day was left for Independence day.

"Shashwat come here and check the fitting of this dress. " Sharad said to Shashwat who was standing at stage and he nodded coming towards him.

"And Kanak have you brought the saree that you have to wear? Show me." Monica asked to Kanak and she went towards her bag taking out the saree.

"Did you order it from Flipkart?" Siya asked as Kanak showed the saree to Monica.

"Yes." Kanak said.

"What was the price?" Siya asked.

"2000" Kanak replied.

"Arre 2000 ka kyun liya? I have seen this same saree on Meesho only in 1500 and the quality was also good." Siya said.

"Really?? I also saw that one but then I thought quality na kharab ho." Kanak said.

"Ye log bas bewakoof banate hain. Rate alag rakh ke." Arushi said.

[They just fool us by keeping different rates.]

"But sometimes the qualities of cheap clothes are not good . " Richa said and Kanak nodded.

"Rare case me hota hai re." Siya said.

[Only in rare case.]

And everyone were looking at them with blank expressions.

"Panchayat ho gyi kya deviyon.... Rukavat ke liye khed hai par Devi ji wo kya hai na ki independence day kal hi hai na isliye hame beech me bol kar aap sab ki itni jaroori vishay par charcha ke beech me rukawat dalni padi. " Sharad said with a mocking smile making everyone laugh.

[ Sorry to interrupt you all but, it is Independence Day and that is why we have to speak in between and you have to interrupt the discussion on such an important issue for all of you]

"Haa what are you all doing?? We will do dance rehearsal fisrt . Arushi go and call other girls." Monica said and Arushi nodded going outside with Siya and Richa.

"Har jagah saath hi jana hai inn teeno ko." Monica said and shook her head.

[These three have to go everywhere together.]


"Siya wo flag kuch jada hi upar lag gaya. Thoda neeche kar de usko..I should check the board's decoration." Richa said and Siya nodded. Richa left from there and Siya tried to reach at the flag but failed .

[Siya that flag is placed at too much upper side.]

"How to fix this now!!" Siya said looking at the flag.

Here Shashwat was also present at assembly ground explaining some of his juniors about the debate and his eyes fell on Siya who trying to fix the flag on pillar but failed .

"Anything else?" He asked to his juniors and they nodded in negative.

"Ok then. Ask me if you need more help." He said and went towards Siya and a chuckle escaped from his mouth looking at her who was jumping like a kid trying to reach at the pillar.

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