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आशिक़ी में हर आशिक़
हो जाता है मजबूर।
इस में दिल का
मेरे दिल का,
इस में दिल का क्या कसूर।।✨❤️


"Seriously Siya" Arushi said between her laughs and Richa was still laughing holding her stomach after Siya told them the Samosa incident.

"Yaha hamare sath itna bada dil dehla dene vala hadsa ho gaya aur tum log has rahi ho?" Siya said whining.

[Such a big accident happened to me and you guys are laughing]

"So who said you to eat the samosa ? Can't you just control your greedy tounge?" Richa said and again started laughing.

"I don't want to live in this planet now!! Hey dharti maa aap kripya kar ke phat jaiye aur hame apne andar sama lijiye. Hame nhi rehna ab iss zalim duniya me." Siya said holding her head and her friends rolled their eyes.

[Mother Earth please swallow me. I don't want to live in this cruel world.]

"Oye Gareebon ki Meena Kumari..Stop your drama.. It's not a big deal. Bhaiya will forget it." Arushi said.

"But how will I face him now? I can't go infront of him now." Siya said keeping her head on Richa's shoulder.

"Don't think so much..Just chill." Richa said patting her head.

"Sit properly.. Sir is coming." Arushi said pointing at the door and they both sat properly.

"Gooooooooooood mornnnnnniiiiiinggggg Sirrrrr" Students sang in unison.

"Good morning..Sit down everyone." Teacher greeted back.

"Thaaaannkkkk Youuuuuuuu Sirrrrrrrr!!" They again sang togather.

"Is this a singing class? Stupids !! Take out your books." Teacher asked keeping his books on table.

"Sir but aap aaj test lene vale the." Kanak said and almost every students slapped their forehead cursing her.

"Abbey yaar!! I will throw her from this window." Siya said .

"Ohh yes..Thank you kanak for reminding me. Students take out the middle page of your notebooks and write your name and roll no. on it."
Teacher said and all students did the same.

"Sir Monica ma'am is calling the students who are preparing dance for independence day." A boy said standing outside the class making us sigh in relief.

"Those who are preparing dance they can leave the class before wasting time." Teacher said and the students left from there.


Few hours Later, After giving script to Sharad sir , I was moving out from auditorium suddenly Shashwat came infront of me and before I could collide with him I took a step back and he also did the same.

Shit!!Shit!! I don't want to face him. Mother Earth please swallow me.

"Have you given the script to sir?" He asked to which I just nodded looking down and starts walking.

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