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We gave you all double updates that means you have to vote for both 28 and 29 chapters. I mean what the hell is this?? Voting on only 29 chapter!! 28 me bhi utni hi mehnat lagi hai.

We already said that we will update next chapter only when you will complete the target and trust me this decision is firm that we will upload this book in a paid site then you will only be able to read after paying the money. So if you are getting the chapter for free then learn to respect the hardwork and dedication of the writers!

And our loyal readers, we love you all and grateful for the love and support we are getting from you all❤️. But please don't vote from 4-5 accounts because we don't want votes like that, we want genuine votes from those who only read the chapter without voting. We genuinely appreciate your love but please understand 🙂.


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