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उनसे नज़रें क्या मिलीं
रौशन फिज़ाएँ हो गयीं
आज जाना प्यार की
जादूगरी क्या चीज़ है।।
इश्क कीजिये फिर समझिये
इश्क कीजिये फिर समझिये,
ज़िन्दगी क्या चीज़ है।।✨❤️



Enjoy the chapter ✨❤️.

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Siya woke up to a room filled with her best friends and sisters. As she opened her eyes, her brother sat beside her, gently stroking her hair.

"Kaisa lag raha hai ab?" Reyansh asked, touching her forehead.

[How are you feeling now?]

"Thik lag raha abhi." She said and sat down properly.

[I am fine.]

"Room me kaise aa gaye? Hall me so rahe the na ham?" She asked, confused.

[How did I came in room? We were sleeping in hall.]

"Haa, we have brought you here." Ritika said.

"But ye to room to bade papa ne liya hua tha?" She asked, looking at everyone.

[But this room was for uncle I guess.]

"So? Bhand me jayen sab. When you were burning in fever and we needed their help they didn't even care to check on you . So why should we care about their comfort? Tu yahi rest karegi aur tere sath baki sab bhi." He said, anger dripping from his voice.

[Let them go to hell.]

"You know after knowing this mummy asked us to bring you here when bade papa went shopping with his children and badi badi maa. And she said don't don't leave the room." Ritika said, moving towards her.

Just then they heard a knock on the door. As Ritika opened the door Arav entered inside with Darsh and Akash holding a plate in his hand.

"Siya aunty ne ye sandwich banaya hai..she asked you to have this fast..uske baad medicine bhi Lena hai." Arav said, placing the plate near her while Ritika was looking at him with admiration in her eyes.

[Aunty has made this sandwich for you. Eat this and have your medicine after this.]

"Jaldi thik ho jaa phir we will do more totka." Akash said with a smile caressing her hair and she smiled at him.

"Arre, why are you saying this bhaiya? She is already looking fine. Hai na Didi?" Darsh asked moving towards him and she smiled nodding her head.

Everyone was present there but her eyes were searching for that one person who wasn't present there.

Despite the overwhelming care surrounding her, Siya's eyes searched for Shashwat, her heart sinking as he remained absent. Her anticipation turned to disappointment, as the small hope in her heart shattered, realising he hadn't even bothered to check on her. In that moment, her little heart broke, as she had expected no grand gestures but had hoped for a simple acknowledgment of her well-being from him.

"Accha jaa tu pehle brush to kar le." Ritika said breaking her thoughts and she nodded and headed towards the washroom.

[Go and brush your teeth first.]

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