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अब दिल चाहे ख़ामोशी के होठों पे मैं लिख दूँ
प्यारी सी बातें कई,
कुछ पल मेरे नाम करे वो, मैं भी उसके नाम पे
लिखूँ मुलाकातें कई।
पहली ही तकनी में बन गयी जान पे,
नैना वैना उसके मेरे दिल पे छपे
अब जाऊँ कहाँ पे, दिल रुका है वहाँ पे
जहाँ देख के मुझे वो आगे बढ़ गया ओय।।❤️✨

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As the group strolled through the vibrant market, Shashwat, Akash, and Darsh found themselves following closely behind Siya, Arushi, and Richa. The stalls adorned with colourful bangles caught their attention, and the girls eagerly began selecting their favourites.

"Siya ye dekh..Mast hai na?" Arushi asked, showing her a set of bangles and she nodded with a bright smile.

"It's so beautiful and it will go with your wedding dress." Siya said.

"Bhaiya, please buy me those bangles; my pocket money is not left." Arushi said with a hopeful gaze, turning towards Shashwat and happily moved on to explore another stall.

"Yaar kash hame bhi koi bangles gift karta." Kanak said in a little loud voice, passing a shy smile to Shashwat who was paying the bills.

[Mate, I wish someone would gift us bangles too.]

As Shashwat glanced around, his eyes inadvertently fell on Siya, who was engrossed in examining a set of bangles with affection. Seizing the moment, she inquired about the price, and a subtle hint of hesitation crossed her face as she checked her available funds.

"I don't want these." She said with a smile and moved towards Arushi.

Checking his own account and finding a modest balance, Shashwat mumbled to himself,

"Paise to jada nahi bache, but it's okay. I'll sacrifice that expensive pattern paper book I was planning to buy."

Determined to fulfil the unspoken wish he sensed in Siya's eyes, he discreetly excused himself from his friends.

Moving swiftly, he approached the stall where Siya had lingered moments ago. Without drawing attention, he purchased the bangles she had admired, hiding the transaction from the prying eyes of his companions. With a subtle smile, he tucked the bangles securely into the pocket of his jacket.

The lively group found themselves in the midst of a bustling fair, drawn towards the irresistible aroma of various delicacies.

Amidst the laughter and chatter, Siya was savouring a plate of chaat with her girl's group.

"Chal na selfie lete hain." Ritika said, taking out her phone.

[Let's click a selfie.]

"Khate time bhi chain nahi hai kuch logon ko. Har time selfie lene ke liye itna marti rehti hai ye ladki." Siya said, shaking her head.

[Some people don't have peace even while eating. This girl is always so obsessed with taking selfies.]

"Haan to ab bas tu aaiyo mat bas apne daant nikal ke selfie me." Ritika said and Siya gave her a mocking smile.

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