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The next morning when I woke up there was a note on my pillow.
I finished The Lion King and went home. Since you got suspended you get to stay home today. Lucky. I'll see you soon
-Ash xx
I smiled and put the note away. I didn't know what I was going to do today because it was my last suspended day. Then I had an idea.
To Ashy:
Want to have lunch with me?
From Ashy:
Sure! Sounds great!
To Ashy:
I'll meet you at the cafe down the street from the school.
From Ashy:
Alright. See you soon!
I quickly got dressed and started toward the cafe. When I got there I found a table in the back corner and waited for Ashton. When he finally walked in I smiled. I was coming to realize that I liked Ashton...more than a friend. His smile brightened my day. It could brighten anyone's day. He sat down and smiled.
"Hey." I smiled back.
He looked down at the menu and got me to order him an ice crew I sat happily watching him until he looked up. Then I realized I was being creepy. I looked down and he tapped the table. When I looked up again he was smiling that beautiful smile of his. I talked to him about myself and he wrote a few things about himself. It was nice. He needed a friend and I would be that for him. But ever so slowly I was realizing I wanted to be more than just his friend.

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