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Ashton ran into my arms smiling.
"You guys just seen each other yesterday!" Michael rolled his eyes.
"Shut up." Ashton laughed.
Ashton had been talking for a three months now. Michael and Calum freaked out whenever he first talked. I just sat back and watched my favorite people be so happy.
"Luke where is your cap?" Ashton asked.
"He left it in the car." My mum said, walking up with my cap in her hand.
"What would I do without you?" I smiled hugging her.
"Ashton. It's almost time." A teacher called.
He hugged me and my mum then left with the teacher.
"There goes our boy." Calum smiled.
"My boy." I corrected him.
We took our seats and waited for Ashton to speak on behalf of all the graduates.
"Three months ago I wouldn't have been up here speaking to all of you. I use to be mute. I was different. Never did I think I'd be happy again but I am. I've waited to graduate for what seems like forever, but graduating with two people that have became my best friend and my wonderful boyfriend makes it ten times better. Something all of us here today need to realize is that we are all different. Some more than others. No matter where life takes us now, you will always be different in someone else's eyes. If it's a good different or bad different is for the person judging to decide." Ashton finished his speech and we all three our caps.
He ran to me and kissed me.
"I love you." He smiled.
"And I love you." I smiled back.
And in that moment I realized just how right he was. I was the judge and to me Ashton was a good different. One thing I knew for sure is that is and always will be mine.

-He's Different is officially over! I hope you have enjoyed this story! I loved writing it! I don't really know where this idea came from it just happened. But I'm glad it happened! This is probably one of my favorite stories I've written besides the one I am working on now. It's called They Don't Understand and I will be posting the first chapter sometime tomorrow! Thank you for reading this story and I hope you read and enjoy They Don't Understand! -Lynds

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