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That night Ashton stayed home. Our mums thought needed to stay home so we did. I laid in bed looking at the ceiling. I missed him. I wanted him with me. Then I heard my phone buzz.
From Ashy:
Can't sleep.
To Ashy:
Me either.
From Ashy:
I'm sneaking over.
About ten minutes later Ashton was laying next to me. It was 2am and I was so tired. So was Ashton. He rubbed his eyes and I smiled.
"Tired baby?" I whispered.
I felt Ashton's heart beating fast against my side where he laid. I put my hand on his cheek. I kissed his forehead and pulled him closer to me. I think he was surprised by my sudden clingyness, yet he was happy for someone to care so much. I hummed softly to him until he was asleep. I played with his hair until I too fell asleep.

- - - - - - - - - -

When I woke up Ashton was still beside me. I smiled and tried my best not to wake him up. I snuck out of my room closing the door and walked down stairs to make him breakfast.
"So you and Ashton?" I jumped at the sound of my mums voice.
She was sitting in the corner of the kitchen drinking coffee.
"Maybe." I blushed.
"Luke you would not get up early and be fixing breakfast for just anyone. You don't even do that for Michael or Calum." She smiled.
I blushed as I started cracking eggs.
"Okay yes we are together." I said.
She smiled and got up to hug me. I hugged her back and continued to crack eggs. As soon as I finished Ashton walked down smiling. We still had our morning hair. He looked so cute.
"Um I made you breakfast." I said.
He smiled and nodded as I sat a plate in front of him.
"Is your mum going to be mad because you snuck over?" I asked.
"No I told her. She's okay with it. She said he could stay tonight also." My mum burst in.
She was about to leave for work so Ashton and I would be alone. After my mum left I looked at Ashton who had just finished his breakfast.
"What do you want to do today?" I asked.
He pointed to the tv and couch.
"Movies?" I asked.
He nodded.
We stayed in our pajamas all day and watched movie after movie. During one of the movies I looked over at him.
"Are you having fun?" I asked.
He nodded and smiled. That's when I seen it. The new color.
The new color was pink.

-only 2 more chapters plus the epilogue until He's Different is over!! I have a new story I am working on called They Don't Understand. It's a Luke fanfic because I have a fanfic with all the boys but Luke and I have written 2 before and hated them. This one is different though...it's written in 3rd person and I don't usually do that and I tried to write more in depth. I am very proud of it so far! I will be posted it when He's Different is over! I hope you have enjoyed this story so far and I hope you read and enjoy They Don't Understand when it goes up! -Lynds

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