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I ran into the cafe five minutes later than what time I told him. When I walked in his eyes flashed from bright blue to red. Sadness and anger? Was anger red?
"I-I'm sorry I'm late." I said sitting down.
He nodded.
"Ashton listen-"
I was cut off my him raising his hand.
He slid his notepad to me as his eyes flashed red again.
I'm so mad at you Luke. I'm not mad that you kissed me, I'm mad because you ran out and didn't speak to me after. I'm also hurt. I thought you were my friend. Nothing would change that. Not even the kiss.
Tears flooded my eyes.
"I'm so sorry Ashton."
He took the notepad back and I looked down.
Don't cry. I'm mad at you but I hate to see you upset.
A tear escaped my eyes and trickled down my cheek. Ashton reached across the table and wiped it away.
"Can we just pretend it didn't happen? I don't know what came over me. I just- I want my friend back." I said.
Ashton nodded.
His eyes didn't change color but I could hint something was wrong. I just didn't know what

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ashton came home with me. I wrote anger down in the notepad and asked him to pick a movie. He decided on The Breakfast Club. I got out a bunch of blankets and we made a fort over my bed. We were acting like five year olds but it was the most fun I've had in a while. Ashton played with my hair again as the movie came to an end.
"I'm glad we are okay again." I smiled.
He nodded smiling.
"Do you wanna stay here tonight? I don't mind. You could wear something of mine to school tomorrow."
He thought for a moment then nodded smiling. He pulled out his phone to let his mum know he was staying. I laid down next to Ashton after we took down the fort.
"Thank you for being my friend." I whispered to him.
He nodded smiling and laid his head on my chest. Mentally, I cursed him for being so cute.

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