Chapter 4 - Fifa

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"Nice ass."

I stand up straight and glare at the asshole. "Stop staring at my ass and help me."

"Nah, I would much rather stare at your ass," Zeke smirks.

I get down on my hands and knees and shovell up more sand into the trash bag.

"Oh, so you like it doggy style," he winks.

Someone punch him for me. With a brick.

"If you're not going to help me then go away," I say while brushing more sand onto the shovel.

"Trust me, I would rather be stuffing my face with hairy mac and cheese than being here with you. But unfortunately, I can't leave until this is all tidied up. So chop chop, nerd."

"It'd be cleaned up faster if you helped," I yell as I stand back up, my leg cramping.

"I already told you; no."

"Then how about you just be quiet and stop annoying me?"

"I will think about it, Princess."


After a couple of minutes of silence and Zeke kicking at the sand on the ground – making it harder for me to sweep up – he finally speaks again.

"You want anything from the vending machine?"

I look at him, surprised that he asked.

He raises his eyebrows when I don't answer. "Well...are you just going to stare at me like you have just seen fucking Santa Claus fucking your Mom or are you going to answer?"

I feel my cheeks heat up. Why am I so lame?

"Um, just a bottle of water, thanks. Oh, and Reese's peanut butter cups too." I reach into my pocket and pull out some change. "Here," I hold the money out in front of me.

He shakes his head, laughing. "You are cute sometimes, nerd." He walks away without taking the money.

What's so funny?

Did Zeke Blakely really just offer to get me food? And it just so happens that guys who get me free food are exactly my type.

I smile to myself and start brushing up the sand again.

"Damn," a male voice says.

I look up and am met with beautiful grey eyes.

Mason Conway.

Long beach High's star soccer player. Here. Watching me on my hands and knees sweeping up sand.

Thanks, god.

"Aren't you the one that got covered in this stuff?" He asks.

"Yep, that's me."

"And they're making you clean it up?"

"Uh-huh. Well, with the help of the asshole who done it, but he's not really helping."

"That's sucks." He reaches his hand out to help me up. I look at it for a moment, wondering if this is a joke and he'd push me back down and the full school would jump out and start laughing.

Yeah, I have a little bit of trust issues.

I take his hand and his strong arm pulls me up.

"Thanks," I smile.

"No problem," he smiles back, but his smile blows me away. I've never been this close to him before. I have never noticed the dimples in his smile, and his eyes; I never saw how beautiful his eyes were.

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