Chapter 26 - "He's trouble"

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"Fucking give it to me!" Zeke holds Isaac by the collar as he shouts in his face.

I was getting my chemistry books from my locker when I heard him shouting round the corner. So now i'm eavesdropping. I hate doing that and I want to shout at Zeke for holding Isaac the way he is, but if they see me he won't tell me whatever it is he wants.

I wish he'd get help with his temper. He never handles things the right way, like right now, for example. It's a good thing though that Isaac and Cole know that he doesn't mean any harm, it's just who he is.

"No, man, you'll regret it." Isaac tries to take Zeke's hands off him but fails. Some other people are watching, wondering what's going on.

"I don't care. I need it."

"Fuck off," Isaac again tries to push Zeke away, which only results in Zeke slamming Isaac's back against the wall.

"You want me to beat you until you give me it?"

Oh God. He wouldn't do that? Would he?

"Go ahead."

Zeke just looks at him before pressing his lips together and letting him go. "Fuck you."

He takes off walking down the corridor towards where I'm standing, taking his phone out. As soon as he comes around the corner, I walk straight into him.


Kind of.

His phone drops from his hands from the impact. Crap. I lean down to pick it up. It's not smashed, thankfully, but I notice on his screen are texts messages.

From Aubrey.

"What was that all about?" I ask, pretending not to have seen the messages as I hand him his phone.


"I heard you yelling at Isaac."

"Oh," he looks away. "It's nothing."

I don't push it because I know he won't tell me. "You excited for chemistry?"

"I am buzzing with anticipation," he says sarcastically.

The bell rings and I take a step, ready to go to class but notice Zeke is still in his spot. "You coming?"

He glances behind him in the direction he was headed before I ran into him. "I, um. In a minute."

"You'll be late," I frown.

For a moment he just looks at me, contemplating whether or not to go. "Fine," he sighs.

We walk into class together and I follow Zeke to the back, but stop in my tracks at the sight of Mason.

Sitting in the second row, he's looking right back at me as I stare at him, my jaw dropped. His jaw is covered in bruises, his lip swollen and cuts on his nose and forehead.

Zeke has stopped too, watching me. Mason's eyes avert to him and I immediately know why.

"What. The. Fuck," I hiss at him.

Without responding, he takes my arm and pulls me to the back row and we both take our seats. "It's not that bad."

"It's not that bad? Really? When did you do that?"

"Doesn't matter," he looks away.

"Yes it does," I grab his face and pull it to look at me. He looks shocked and a little pissed off. He doesn't let many people treat him like that.

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