Chapter 28 - "You can't just be friends with someone you're in love with."

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He's in my head.

That means, that for the rest of the day I won't be able to concentrate on anything but him. That asshole. He's interfering with my schoolwork and he's not even trying.

I watch my physics teacher's mouth move, not listening to what's coming out of it, for the rest of the period. It's last period, so when the bell rings, startling me, I almost jump with joy.

"Yo, Marn," Cole says as he stands up. "You okay, dude? You looked possessed that full period."

I rub my temples. "I'm good, just distracted."

He wiggles his eyebrows. "Wonder why. Thinking about Zeke's- Owe!" I kick him in the shins before he can finish.

"No, I wasn't. I was thinking about the drug thing," I say quietly.

He rubs his shins, a look of pain on his face. "Oh, well he doesn't do it anymore."

"I know that, but why did he do it in the first place?"

"Sanders, Jones; get out of my class please," Ms. Smith says. I realise that we're the only ones still here.

"Geez, Lesley, we're goin'." Cole waves her off and we walk out before she can say anything about him calling her by her first name.

"So, about Zeke," I say as we walk down the corridor.

"Yes, yes, about Zeke," he smirks.

"Stop doing that," I push his shoulder.

"I'm not doing anything."

"You are. You're acting as if we have something going on."

He shakes his head, "Marn, for someone as smart as you, you're a fucking idiot."

"What are you talking about?" I roll my eyes.

"Hold on," he takes his phone from his pocket and holds it to his ear. "Hey, babe," he says into it.

It must be Zoey. So far, their relationship has been going great. They have no problems and never argue, unless it's over something stupid and it's not even a real argument. I wish Zeke and I could have a friendship like that.

"Why tonight?" He says. "Okay... Sure... Okay, love you."

Holy crap. They're already saying they love each other. Why didn't Zoey tell me?

"You and Zoey have already dropped the L-bomb?" I ask him.

"What?" Zoey appears beside us. She gives Cole a confused look.

"What?" Cole gives the same look Zoey's giving him to me.

"Wait... Who were you talking to?" I ask, giving him the confused look back.


"Oh," I laugh. I should have saw that coming.

"I'm starting to get jealous of your bromance with him," Zoey says, putting her arms around his torso.

"Don't be, you're my number one baby. He's number two," Cole pecks her lips.

I smile at how happy Zoey looks. I'm so glad she's found someone like Cole – he's perfect for her.

"I'll meet you at your car," I tell Zoey. It's kind of awkward standing here, watching them get all cute.

When I emerge from the school and start walking towards Zoey's car, my eyes somehow land on Zeke, just before he goes behind another car to where his is. I want to talk to him. If I don't, i'll just keep thinking about what happened at lunch all night.

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