Chapter 13 - "Stop torturing little Zeke."

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Oh God.

Today's the day.

I'm excited, but nervous. I just hope that what happened with Zeke doesn't make things awkward on this trip.

Sliding out of bed – yes, literally sliding onto the floor – I walk into my bathroom and turn on the shower. After taking off my clothes, I take a quick shower.

Since we would be outside in the heat all day, I decide to wear denim shorts and a black and white stripey t-shirt with my bikini underneath.

It's 9:20am right now. Cole said he'd pick us all up in his Dad's minivan at 10, so I make sure I have everything in my backpack and head downstairs.

"Hey Mom, hey Charlie," I say as I walk into the kitchen and grab the box of Reese's puffs and pour them into a bowl.

"Good morning, sweetie. Are you excited for today?"

"Um, yeah," I say, not sounding very enthusiastic.

"You don't sound it."

I pour milk into the bowl then sit across from them.

"I am, it's just, something happened at school. Zeke and I got into an argument."

"What about?"

I decide against telling her about how he was sleeping with my boyfriends girlfriend while they were still together and they probably still are.

"Nothing important."

"Zeke seems like a nice boy," Charlie comments, looking up from his newspaper.


"He is, sometimes. He just has a temper."

"Do you like him?" My Mom asks.

"No, Mom. He's my friend, plus I have a boyfriend."

"That doesn't mean you can't have feelings for him," she sips her tea.

"Well I don't."

Yes, I do find find him attractive, and my skin gets goosebumps every time he touches me, and there have been many times when i've wanted to kiss him. But that does not mean I like him.

The boy drives me crazy. One day he's happy, giving me compliments, opening up to me. And then the next, he's closed off. It's like he's a freaking vampire and can turn off his humanity switch. Because that's what it's like, he pretends he doesn't care about anything and shows almost no emotion.

When Cole texts me that he's here, I say goodbye to my mom and Charlie and grab my bag, heading out the door.

"Hey, Marns," Cole greets me as he takes my bag and throws it in the trunk of his Dad's car. "Zoey called shot gun for when we pick her up, so sit in the back," he winks, making me feel uneasy.

When I open the door to the backseats, I see Isaac on one side, Zeke on the other, his eyes glued to his phone. He only space is in the middle since the other seats behind that are covered in camping equipment.

Oh God.

I pout at Isaac, mentally begging him to sit in the middle. He just shakes his head, smiling.


I go past Isaac and sit in the middle and fasten my seatbelt. Zeke doesn't seem to notice my presence.

"So, who wants to play a game?" Cole grins cheekily. We had gotten Zoey and were now on our way to Silver Oak. Zeke still hadn't spoken to me, he was now just looking out the window.

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