Chapter 8 - "You're the hottest nerd I've ever seen"

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"Wake up, nerd."

The sunlight blinds my eyes as I open them slightly. I see someone who looks like Zeke staring down at me. When I rub my eyes and look again, he's still there.

"Zeke?" I mumble as I sit up in my bed.

"Yes, Princess, you're not dreaming. I am actually here."

"What the hell are you doing in my room?"

"The door was unlocked and your Mom isn't here," he shrugs, "Now get up."


He walks over to my drawers and starts pulling out clothes. "Well, I was thinking about what you said about how I don't tell you anything about me and so you're not gonna tell me anything about you and blah blah blah, so today, my love, we are going to spend some time together."

I ignore the feeling inside I get when he says my love.

I'm going on a date with Mason tonight, damnit, I can't feel that way at something this asshole says.

He goes into my underwear drawer and pulls out bras, studying them.

I quickly get up and grab the bra from his hands and shut the drawer.

He smirks, "I guess i'll just need to wait until I see it on you."

"Where are we going?" I say, ignoring what he just said.

"The cliffside, oh and wear a bikini. Today, nerd, I am going to teach you how to live."

After showering, I brush out my wet hair and put it into a messy bun, then get dressed into my bikini, denim shorts and a white tank top.

Zeke is wearing swim shorts with a black vest top that has the Nike tick on it, showing off his beautiful arms that I've grown an obsession with.

"I don't know why i'm even agreeing to go with you today," I say as I exit the bathroom.

Zeke is sitting on my bed, probably looking at everything in my room – which i'm annoyed about because he's probably looked at all my pictures.

But when I look at him, he's staring at my legs, desire in his eyes.

What i've learned about Zeke is that, while i'm obsessed with arms and dimples, he's obsessed with girls' legs as he points them out every time he sees a blonde wearing shorts.

"You're drooling, Princess," I mock him from when he said it to me.

He meets my eye and scoffs. "Please, I was just thinking how i've seen tables with nicer looking legs than you."

I roll my eyes. What a jerk.

Going into my closet and grabbing a beach bag, I put a towel in it and some sunscreen, then head downstairs with Zeke following.

"Did you bring food?"

"Yeah, its hidden under my fucking T-shirt."

I realise that he walked here with nothing but a towel wrapped around his neck. "You seem very prepared."

"This is all I need, although food would be nice."

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