Chapter 36 - Walk Away

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One month later

My hand runs along the silk material of my bridesmaids dress, letting the baby pink bottom half of the dress slip through my fingers. I let out a sigh. Not a sad sigh, but a i'm moving on to a new chapter in my life, sigh.

Well, it is a new chapter in my mindset. Today my mom and Charlie are getting married. We are moving in with Charlie when they get back from their honeymoon to Scotland – somewhere my mom has always wanted to go.

What is good about this, is that Charlie lives about twenty minutes away from here, which means I will be twenty minutes away from Zeke.  


The person I haven't spoken a word to since that night of the party.

I think it is for the best. I've managed to get back on top of my schoolwork, go out less, get closer with my old friends in the chess club, and I haven't even cried over him once. It hurt so bad, but I had to force myself to forget about him, and not keep going over the what ifs. What if Zeke didn't act the way he did that night, and I told him how I felt? What if he told me he felt the same way? What if I had spent this last depressing month with a smile on my face?

Who cares? It's better this way.

I reassure myself and look in the mirror, taking a deep breath. It's better this way. I nod to my reflection, agreeing with the stronger side of me.

"Come on, Barnie!" Joey calls from downstairs. "We got places to be!"

I smile, remembering that today my mother is getting married. She is finally moving on from my dad and committing to someone else, leaving the darkness in the past. I am doing the same with Zeke, yet sometimes I wonder if it is the light that I am leaving behind, not the darkness.

With one last look in the mirror at my tired eyes, I carefully take my dress off its hanger and put it on.

"Danggg," Joey says when I get downstairs. "Look at you, all grown up."

"I could say the same for you," I gesture towards his suit. "Nice to see you wearing something other than sweatpants."

"Don't get used to it, sis." He picks up his car keys off the counter and walks towards the door. "Let's go, we're already late."

"No we're not. It doesn't start for another hour," I defend, slipping my feet into my uncomfortable but beautiful white sparkly heels.

"Well, sorry, Ms. Time expert," he says in a goofy voice and I roll my eyes at his childishness.

I plop my phone into my clutch bag and we go outside. Joey locks the door behind us and we get into his car.

My mom and Charlie are at the hotel next to the church where the wedding will be. My mom
left early this morning while Zoey was here doing my hair and makeup. She really is an amazing friend, coming over early just for me, then going back to her house to get ready.

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