Chapter 32 - Explanation

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6 months later

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Chapter 32 - Explanation

"Thank Jesus it's friday," Zoey gives out an over exaggerated moan as we walk into school.

"Same," I say with a laugh. She is a walking meme. Especially today because her hair is up in messy bun, she's not wearing makeup and she looks like she's wearing pajamas.

"See you in math," she mumbles as I stop at my locker and she keeps walking to hers.

Putting the code into my locker, I open it and take out my math book. It's then I notice that something orange is sitting on top of my neatly set row of books. Straight away I recognise it as one of my favourite things: a packet of Reese's peanut butter cups.

How the hell did that get in here? I didn't put it there, because it never would have lasted long enough to reach my locker if it was in my hands.

Confused, I pick it up and see that there are words written in black marker on the front.

Sorry, baby - Z

My heart races at the simple words written. Sorry. He said sorry, not that he is apologetic.

He also called me baby, and I'm totally not freaking out about that.

A lot of people have been calling me that recently, but only when he does it is when it affects me.

Why does he need to do this and make it so hard for me to hold a grudge against him? He's an asshole. A stupid, stupid, annoying asshole.

A stupid, sexy, kind, perfect, amazing asshole.

It's so sweet that he remembered that I liked Reese's from that one time I asked him to get me it from the vending machine. The guy can barely remember names but he remembers this.

The bell rings and I close my locker, putting the Reese's on top of my math book and walking to class.


I sit in the front row of my chemistry class, excited to hear about what Mr. Kennedy will be teaching us today. If Zeke could read my thoughts, he'd be laughing his ass off right now.

Wait, forget I mentioned him. Again, I forgot that I hate him and definitely should not be thinking about him.

The seats fill up of all the usual people who sit in the front row. Someone sits beside me and I check to see who it is, only to be greeted by an angel faced Mason.

"Hey," he smiles.

"Hi," I reply hesitantly.

Zeke would have said hello instead of hey.

Can my mind just shut the hell up? Seriously, you're so annoying.

"Did you do the assignment?"

Of course I did, who does he think I am? I guess he's just trying to make small talk – I don't know why though.

I nod. "You?"

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