Chapter 5 - Dreaming

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"You will be working with the person in front of you. I've left the equipment on your desk, so join with your partner and start." Mr. Kennedy, my chemistry teacher announces.

We were doing the foldable egg experiment and I was excited. I love chemistry, because of the experiments. I love to try things and find out how they work out for myself, not just watch or be told. I find it amazing how we can create things from science.

Maybe I am a nerd.

Zeke, will you stay out of my head please?

"I guess I'm working with you," I look up and find Mason Conway sitting in front of me.

I smile, butterflies arising in my stomach.

He brings a chair to my table and we start the experiment, putting holes on each end of the egg.

"Would you like to do the honours?" He asks, holding the straw out for me.

"Sure," I smile happily and take the straw, then blow through it, making the egg yolk come out into a beaker.

"So, has Zeke Blakely done anything else to you?"

I put the straw on the table and put the egg into vinegar. "No, we've not spoken much since the sand thing."

Although we have; I babysat him. But of course I can't tell Mason that or who knows what Zeke will do to me.

"That's good. He's not the kinda guy someone like you should be around."

"Someone like me?"

What's that supposed to mean?

"I mean you seem very sweet and innocent, wouldn't want him to screw you over."

"What do you mean?"

He looks behind me. "Well, look at him."

I turn around and see Zeke making out with his partner.


"He knows how to trick girls into bed with him, Mason continues, "It would be a shame if he took advantage of you."

For some reason this made me kind of mad.

"I'm not stupid, you know. I'd never let him touch me."

"Good," he smiles. "I like that you're not like the other girls. You know? You have self respect."

I feel myself blush.

Gosh, Marnie, get a grip.

"Hey, Im having a party Friday night, wanna come?"

Did I seriously just get invited to Mason fricking Conway's party?

I think I might die.

Parties aren't really my thing... but how can I turn this down?

"Sure. Is it okay if my friend comes?"

"Of course," he smiles his dimply smile.

Zoey will cry when she hears about this.


"Oh my god!" She shouts, causing people in the cafeteria to glare at us.


"I can't believe this! Mason Conway. Mason. Conway. Invited you. To his party."

"Yes, Zoey, we covered that five minutes ago."

"I'm so fucking shook!"

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