Chapter 6 - The Cliffside

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Maggie drops the hot burnt toast onto the floor and sucks on her burnt finger.

"Fuck you, toaster, you lil bitch!" She yells.

Yep, she's definitely related to Zeke.

Last night I took Zoey to her house, then went home. When I woke up this morning Evelyn texted me – she finally got my phone number – and asked me to watch Zeke today.

So here I am, sitting in their kitchen, watching Maggie try and repeatedly fail to make toast.

"Why did I need to watch Zeke today when you're here?"

"Because," she plops another slice of bread in the toaster, "My Mom thinks i'm not responsible enough and will let him do what he wants and pretend nothing happened just to get payed."

I suddenly feel really guilty for not telling Evelyn that Cole and Isaac were here.

I'm basically a criminal.

"What are you making?" Zeke's raspy morning voice says as he walks into the kitchen, shirtless, wearing nothing but sweatpants.

He looks like he just woke up, yet he still looks like the sexiest guy alive.

"Hey, nerd."

I try to take my eyes away from his tanned, toned body. 

"You're drooling a little, Princess."

I look at him, a knowing smirk spread across his tired face. 

"Fuck! It burnt again!" Maggie curses.

Zeke screws up his face and his sister. "What is your problem? What kind of moron can't make toast?"

"Shut up, slut," she throws the burnt toast at his face and it falls on the floor.

I can't help but laugh at Zeke's scrunched up face. So cute.

I did not just think that.

Zeke goes into one of the kitchen cupboards and takes out a tub of advil, then gets a glass of water and drinks it with the pill.

"Where'd you go last night?" He asks me.

"I had to take Zoey home; she was drunk."

I get an image of me kissing Mason, the butterflies returning to my stomach.

"Well, it's a party. It's expected," he rolls his eyes and sits across from me at the wooden table. Someone's moody.

"Yes! I did it!" Maggie takes out the toast from the toaster, this one looks a little under cooked though. "You guys want one?" She waves the toast around proudly, but it slips from her hand and falls onto the floor with the rest of them.

"No," Zeke rubs his hands through his hair, messing it up more than it already is. "I can't eat right now or i'll puke, and even if I could, I would never eat anything you made."

"Hey, I am a good cook," she puts yet another slice in the toaster.

Zeke looks at me with his beautiful bloodshot eyes. "Can you cook?"

"Not really... but i'm an expect at making cereal."

"We could really use a cook around here. I'm pretty sure cooking for us is involved in the babysitting package."

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