Chapter 37 - The Apple Of My Eye

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I stand at the front of the church, alongside my aunt, Joey and Charlie's best friend, watching my beautiful mother walk up the isle with my granddad.

Her stunning white dress trails behind her as she walks, looking at Charlie with excited eyes. My heart warms from the thought of how happy she is, and how happy she will spend her life now she has Charlie. I can't wait until the day I find my true love and I meet him at the end of the isle.

My eyes immediately go to Zeke, and my chest tightens. Is it always going to be this painful to look at him now that I'm officially kicking him out of my life? Like you know, I'm good at forgetting people – but with him it's different. While waiting for the wedding to begin, I've been going over our memories together in my head. Getting ice cream together. Watching him fight those guys after we got ice cream. Dancing with him. Playing fifa. Listening to his random conversations with Cole and Isaac at lunch. Hugging him. Kissing him...

His eyes move to me and I feel sadness fall on me. I want to go back to how it was. But the happiness he made me feel was never consistent. We just never seemed to work together as people. From the second row, I see him frown and give me a questioning look, obviously noticing that something is wrong with me.

I look back to my mom and straighten myself up, smiling when she looks at me. My mom and Charlie say their vows, leaving mostly everyone in the room in tears – even my eyes begin to water at the beautiful things Charlie says to her.

"You may now kiss the bride," the minister says, stepping back. Charlie leans in and kisses her, and again, I feel tightening in my chest. I look away and let happy tears fall from my eyes as aww's erupt in the room and people begin to clap.

My eyes once again avert to Zeke. He's looking at me with a smile on his face. I blush and wipe my eyes, watching as he starts shaking his head and laughing. God, I hate him.

"Who's the hottie?" My aunt, Summer, says in my ear behind me.

"What? Who?" I say, turning to look at her.

"That guy who's been staring at you this whole time," I don't even follow her gaze, because I know who she's talking about.

"He's no one. My friend – well, he was my friend."

"Do you like him?"

"No, why would you think that? He was just a friend."

"Honey, I can tell from the way he's looking at you, that you and him are not just friends." She puts her hand on my cheek and wipes under my left eye. "Why don't you introduce him to me?"

"No, Summer, we're not even friends anymore."

She takes her hand away and smiles, knowingly. "Mmm-kay."

We follow my mom and Charlie out of the church, along with all the guests and we make our way to the hotel. In the dining room, everyone congratulates them while Joey and I sit at our assigned table.

"Don't they just get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again? Oh my god, DARLING, you look STUNNING. I'm so happy for you! How are the kids? Joey has gotten so big, and MARNIE, well Marnie is looking as gorgeous as ever," Joey says in a high pitched voice as we watch my mom talking to everyone.

I let out a snort. The accuracy is real.

"That was so attractive, baby," I hear Zeke say, suggesting to my majestic snort. My eyes widen.

Him and Maggie sit down beside us at our table, Zeke smirking.

Why is he calling me baby? Does he not understand that I don't want to be his friend anymore?

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