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okay so throughout my stranger things imagines + more book, i got the most views on mainly the steve harrington parts, and i have a lot more ideas for steve than the others, so i figured i'd write a separate imagines book for him, too. plus i love steve so i mean

i will NOT be deleting my other book (stranger things imagines + more) i'm only writing this one because i don't want to spam my other one with only steve, since it's supposed to be all of them. okay

send me requests! i have a lot of ideas but i will run out, it's kind of inevitable. cool

i'll probably make a prompt list that will be the next chapter, so you can send me the numbers from those. it'll basically just be a series of single sentence dialogues that i'll incorporate into the imagines that i write alrighty ?

send me anything you want me to write! not just steve, too, send me anything. even if it's any fandom, i may end up making a whole separate book for multi-fandom imagines idk probably not

pls don't flop i love steve sm

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