come inside. i don't want you to get sick. (part 2)

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"Here, and here," Steve piled a few articles of clothing into your arms as you stood in front of him with your arms out. "This should do. Sorry if it's a little baggy."

"No worries," you said as you exited the room and made your way to the bathroom where you striped down from your damp clothes and into the new, fresh ones. Quickly, you entered Steve's room again, wearing a pair of his army green basketball shorts and a grey hoodie of his from the basketball team at Hawkins High. Harrington was written across the back in bold letters.

"My clothes look better on you than me," he stated and your cheeks got hot. They were most likely red as a tomato by now. "So, um, what do you want to do?"

You shrugged as you awkwardly stood at the doorway, leaning against the closed door. You had never really looked at his room, despite the many times you have come in here before due to class projects, or just hanging out. You spent a lot of time with him during block parties, where everybody on your street would gather at the Harrington resident.

Your eyes scanned the room, only to come across this gem, the Farrah Fawcett spray. You gasped as you reached out and held the can in your hands.

"Oh no."

"Steve Harrington uses the Farrah Fawcett spray?" you spoke, flabbergasted. "I have to tell everybody that I know. They'll all be stunned! Everybody is dying to know, and I mean that almost literally."

"You can only mean something literally or not," he teased, taking the metal can back and placing it on his nightstand. I giggled as I took a long look at his hair. No wonder. How could I have no clue? "Stop thinking about my hair."

"Sorry, it's just so..." you reached out, only to have your hand slapped, or lowered, away.

"You had the privilege of knowing my secret. But you can't touch," he laughed as I took a seat beside him on the bed. Shaking your head, you laughed along with him. The two of you spent another hour just hanging out and talking and laughing how you did together before, the time passing quickly. Before you knew it, your parents' van had pulled into your driveway and it was time to return home. Steve walked you to the door politely.

"It was nice seeing you."

"You as well!" you explained, waving goodbye as you crossed the street cautiously. As you got into your house safely and soundly, you looked out the front window to see Steve staring out the front window as well. You smiled slightly as he smiled back.

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