can i kiss you right now?

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prompt #46: "can i kiss you right now?"

after months and months of trying, steve had finally gotten you to agree to go on a date with him. the first time steve laid eyes on you, he knew immediately that he wanted something to do with you.

you moved to hawkins during the summer, and it was your first year here. steve was the first person you talked to, and ever since then steve knew he needed to take you out on a date. though, it wasn't until mid-august when you agreed.

now, you stood in your room in front of your mirror. was the dress good enough? honestly, should you even wear a dress? you were only going to the movies.

sighing, you eventually decided on a red corduroy overall-dress with just a black tee underneath and decided that was good enough. luckily, you decided at the perfect time, because your doorbell rang seconds later.

"i'll get it!" you yelled, bolting down the stairs before any of your family could. opening the door, you revealed steve, standing on your porch in a pair of blue jeans and a red jumper. he smiled up at you, holding a bouquet of roses. "you did not get me roses, steve harrington."

"oh, but i did, y/n y/l/n."

blushing, you took the roses from him and led him inside. steve closed the door, watching your every move as you placed the roses in a vase on your kitchen table. suddenly, your mom entered the room, gushing at the sight of the pretty red flowers.

"oh, y/n those are just beautiful."

"mom, this is steve," you said, gesturing to the boy who leaned against the wall awkwardly. straightening up, steve held out a hand. "we're going to the movies tonight."

"it's a pleasure to meet you, mrs. y/l/n," steve smiled sweetly, placing a kiss on the back of her hand. you rolled your eyes, grabbing your purse as you slipped on a pair of keds.

"alright, i'll see you later mom." grabbing steve's hand, you led him out the door before your mother could make some comment on how cute he was; you were already fully aware.

"your mom is lovely," steve said as the two of you walked down your steps. "i can see where you get your good looks from."

"you don't have to kiss up anymore, steve. we're out of earshot," you joked, trying not to pay attention to steve's hand interlocked with yours.

"i'm not kissing up!" he defended, opening the passenger door for you. "i only speak the truth, y/n."


"this movie sucks," steve leaned toward you, whispering. you giggled, nodding in agreement. "i can't believe i wasted twenty bucks on this."

"it would've only been ten if you hadn't insisted on paying for me," you whispered back, earning a smile from steve. sighing quite loudly, steve placed his head on your shoulder, reaching in your lap to grab your hand. smiling, you took his hand in yours, interlocking your fingers together. subconsciously, you ran your slim fingers through steve's long locks.

teasingly, steve let out a soft snore, earning a smack upside the head from you.


"don't snore in the middle of a movie if you don't want me to smack you, then!" you exclaimed quietly, giggling as steve moved his head so his face was now nuzzled in your neck. "are you smelling my hair?"

"it smells good. is that lavender?"

"oh my god," you groaned, leaning your head back and covering your eyes. steve laughed, sitting up and squeezing your hand lightly in his.


"what, steve?" you looked at him, raising an eyebrow. he smiled at that.

"can i kiss you right now?"

"what?" your heart raced, beating harder in your chest as he stared into your eyes. a grin spread across his face, relaxing you a bit. but your cheeks were still burning.

"can i kiss you, y/n?"

"i-" you paused. "yes."


"yes. you can kiss me, steve." you nodded, gulping. before you had time to think, steve leaned in and pressed a kiss to your lips sweetly. it was perfect; a mix between soft and passionate. you could tell that he had been waiting so long for this moment. and finally, it was then when you realized you had been, too.

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