your laugh is so adorable

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prompt: #14, "your laugh is so adorable."

Word had gotten around the school that Steve Harrington had a new relationship already, just a month after Nancy. It was a lie; you and Steve weren't dating. Sure, you both liked each other a lot, and you talked nearly every night on the phone for at least two hours, or at least before your parents cut you off. But you weren't dating.

"I'm not dating Steve Harrington."

Slamming your locker, you turned to about the seventeenth person who had asked that day. You rolled your eyes and pulled your bag over your shoulder. This was getting annoying. Fast. The girl who stood there blinked quickly, swallowing. "Could you please move so I could get to class? Thanks."

Pushing your way through the crowd of teenagers hoarding the hallway, you made your way to your science class, only to meet Steve Harrington. His locker was right beside your home room class, or Chemistry, and you sighed, mentally slapping yourself as you forgot to go to long way. You hated talking to him at school; being the centre of attention was not your cup of tea.

"Y/N!" As he spotted you, Steve called your name, waving you over. Mentally sighing, you trudged over to him with a smile plastered on your face tightly.

"Hey, Steve."

"Have people been—"

"Yes," you cut him off, rolling your eyes. "All day. Seventeen, to be exact."

Suddenly, a tall blonde girl rushed up to the two of you. You had recognized her from the girl's volleyball team. "Y/N! Steve! My friend told me that—"

"It's not true!" you both blurted in unison and the girl looked from you to Steve and back again. Then she ran off in a hurry and you giggled, looking back at him.


The bell rang, signalling fourth period to start. Turning on your heel, you waved to Steve as he closed his locker, a genuine smile knit tightly onto his lips.

Fourth period went by fast as the lunch bell rang and you scurried out of class. Turning the corner, you smacked right into Steve's chest and groaned, aloud this time. Grinning, Steve looked down at you, saying, "why so happy to see me, Y/N?"

"Sorry, I'm just tired and sick of this bull," you retorted and he laughed, picking up the textbook that you had dropped. Handing it to you, he brushed his fingers against yours and clasped them together before you could protest. "I'm a bitch today. Further warning in advance."

"Bitch looks cute on you," he smiled as you walked down the hallway, your fingers interlocked. Seeing as his smile was contagious, you couldn't help but allow the grin to tug on your lips.

"Is that a compliment?"

"Only if you want it to be," he stated and you laughed aloud, nearly obnoxiously. "Your laugh is so adorable."

"Shut up, Harrington," you shoved his shoulder with yours, but Steve continued to hold your hand tightly. The only time that lunch when Steve let go of your hand was when you had to open your locker, and when he opened the car door for you. Other than that, the entire day was spent teasing each other, or Steve sneaking small glances at you when he thought you weren't looking.

"Y/N?" Steve asked as you pulled a book out of your locker. You looked at him, clasping the lock together. His fingers held yours tightly. "Would it be so bad?"


"Are you two dating yet?" one of Steve's friends teased, pushing Steve into the lockers. He rolled his eyes and turned back to you.




Steve watched you closely as you looking down at your interlocked fingers. Looking back up at him, you smiled. "Not at all."

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