you're one hell of a girl

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prompt #75: "you're one hell of a girl"

according to nearly everybody at hawkins high, steve harrington had his eyes on the new girl at school. to your luck, that was you; after moving away from california, your parents had decided to settle in hawkins, indiana and you would start your senior year at hawkins high school. sure, at the time it seemed as if your life was about to end, having the switch schools during your last year, but at the end of it all, you wouldn't have changed a thing.

your first day at hawkins was interesting, to say at the least. samantha, your now best friend but formerly known as the girl whom you had all of your classes with, warned you about steve. she warned you not to fall for him. and you didn't. you never fell for steve. you were already in love with him by the time you had laid your eyes on the brown haired, brown eyed boy. just the thought of him made your tummy swivel.

"y/n, i said no."

"he's just so cute," you murmured, swooning as your face rested in your palm and your eyes rested on the boy across the cafeteria.

"i know he is. that's why you can't fall for him," samantha prodded. confused, you shook her off and continued staring. "he's only going to break your heart."

"good. i want him to break my heart."

fast forward months later, to pre-graduation when everyone was freaking out about finals and graduating and all that shit that you thought you had in the bag. there was one other person in your year that wasn't freaking out, and that was steve harrington.

"good morning, y/n."

turning around, you laid eyes on the feast that was headed your way. he stopped a foot away from you, staring down as a grin spread wide across his face. his pretty pretty face.

you smiled back. "good morning steve."

"how are you?" he asked, his eyes darting back and forth from both of yours. you grinned, licking your lips.

"i'm good. how are you?"

"great, now that i'm talking to you." the boy responded so quickly that you barely had time to think. "are you stressed? seems as though everybody is today."

"not one bit."

"me neither," he smiled, glancing back down at you. "you know, y/n."

"hm." you were mesmerized in his eyes. the colour was fascinating, a mix between brown and green that almost seemed hazel but you were absolute certain it leaned more toward brown.

"you're cute. it's a shame you let jonathan byers steal you for prom."

"steve," you frowned. "prom was last month."

he looked at you again, blinking. "i'm aware. i'm just saying, i'd liked to have taken you, is all."

"oh." you looked up at him. "you could have taken me. i would have said yes."

"see, i would've," he said, looking up at the crowd of teenagers swarming the gymnasium. his hand found the small of your back and you smiled at the slight touch. "but you're far too out of my league. you see, the type that i usually go for have half the iq you do. maybe even less. you're far too good for me, y/n."


"hm," he repeated, earning a shove from you. he chuckled, sneakily wrapping an arm around your waist. you smiled at the warm touch again. "would you really have said yes?"

"of course. who am i to turn down the steve harrington?" you teased. looking down at you, steve's eyes met yours and you bit your cheek worriedly. before you could think, steve dipped down and pecked your lips quickly. not the type of kiss you were expecting; like you were complaining. "oh."


"that was... different."

"different?" steve scoffed, placing a hand over his chest like he was offended.

"no, not bad different," you shook your head. "just... quick. a kiss from steve harrington shouldn't be quick."

"then what should it be like?"

"steve, we're in a gymnasium filled with our classmates and teachers. i'm not going to kiss you," you said, giggling and steve sighed quite dramatically. "maybe later. it depends. i'll have to check my calendar."

"see what i mean? girls i usually go for don't have calendars."

you just laughed at that.

"you're one hell of a girl, y/n."

smiling, you looked up to steve. you stood on your toes, pressing your lips to his softly yet passionately. you wrapped your arms around his neck as he did your waist, and kissed smoothly until you pulled away seconds later. the taste of his lips lingered on your lips as you were sure yours did to him, too, seeing as he pulled away nearly moaning.

"keep it in your pants, harrington. we're in public," you scoffed, unraveling yourself from his hold as you turned back to the front of the room.


"save it for later."

"later? so you cleared up your calendar?" he teased and you elbowed the boy in the ribs, smiling.

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