Chapter 3: Party Time

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I swung the bathroom door open and paced into my room. My hair was soaked but clean. I had just come out of the shower and didn't have the luxury to indulge in the scalding hot water like I wanted. A towel was wrapped around my hair as I bent in half and tried to dry it off as much as possible while also trying to keep the other towel around my body on.

I flipped my hair over, standing upright and tossing my towel on the bed. I was late, I was so late. By the time estimate, I created in the shower, I probably had tenish minutes until the snobby, five minutes early people arrived for the party.

Standing at my closest, hands spread apart and holding the ends of the two doors, I hunted for my favorite dress which hid among the rainbow-colored clothing. A silent breath of relief slipped past my lips as I reached for my dress, squeezing myself into it as fast as I could, but ensuring not to ripe the delicate fabrics.

Elur. I mumbled, leaning in towards the mirror. The room lit up like someone just swung the curtains open and letting the sunshine through at full blast. Being as quick and delicate as possible I put on a full face of makeup; mascara, bright red lipstick, the whole deal.

When finished, I strapped on some crimson red heels to match my dress and lips and rushed to the body-sized mirror. I turned my body to the side, hands flattening the soft fabric, trying to straighten out any creases that may have formed.

The dress was long and the hem of the red dress just barely grazed the floor. The thick red straps on my shoulders lead down my chest, making my dress a low cut and exposing more chest than father preferred, but mother didn't mind all that much. The silky fabric hugged my waist; snug but tight, giving off the appearance that my waist was smaller and hiding my curved hips ever so slightly.

A knock came from the door, drawing my eyes towards it as the maid spoke. "Norah, your guests are here. Your mother has requested me to fetch you." She said as I made my way to the door and opened it.

Liesia, the maid with curly red hair that was tucked into a low bun smiled at me. Her azura blue eyes pierced into my brown ones before drifting down my body. Her eyes snapped back to me and she let out a quiet shriek with a bright smile. "Oh, Norah, you look ravishing!"

My cheeks burned up, making me glance a the hardwood floors with a shy smile. "Thank you." I said genuinely and then looking back up at Liesia. Her dress looked nice, very professional. It was strange seeing her out of her white skirt and black top uniform. But tonight she wore a tight black dress with matching colored heels.

"Come. Come." She beckoned me. "You're guests are arriving." The lady took my shoulder and gently guided me out of my room before we made our way down the stairs that lead to our living room and kitchen.

Coming to the bottom of the stairs, the first thing I noticed was the kitchn where Chef Malin stood behind the countertops admiring his fine work. The food of veggies was placed neatly on silver platers for the maid to grab or for other guests to take from.

A small sigh of relief slipped past my lips when I heard my mother at the door, greeting guests as they entered the large room that had already begun to fill with diplomats and fellow neighbors.

My body twirled around as Liesia was called over by some of her fellow maids. She politely excused herself as we both parted ways.

I came to stand beside my mother who stood near the front door. Her straight hair was now curled and fluffed, shortening her already short hair further, though she still looked beautiful. The golden fabric of her dress hugged her body all the way down to her knees. A diamond necklace sparkled in the light of the room. It was something father gave her for their anniversary. Finally, milk white hells gave her that extra two inches and made her appear leaner than she already was.

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