Oh, My Gods, You're Touching Me

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Hello everyone! As promised I have another chapter for you all. And just to let everyone know we are approaching the end of Book 1 *hides behind a couch* But not to worry, there will be a second and a third book... maybe a fourth, I haven't decided yet. 

And I know I say this almost every chapter, but you're comments and votes mean so much to me. Like whenever I'm having a really crap day and I see a comment where you guys say that you really like my book and can't wait for me to post, I literally drop everything and bust out like another chapter. Lol

Anyways, I hope you guys love the chapter and please let me know if there is anything you all want me to put in my second book. I will try to make it happen if I can but no promises *winks*

The ground rushed by as a blurred kaleidoscope of fall colors. My chest was pressed against the back of my dragon, leaning side to side with her tilting body. A set of trees zoomed towards us. I squeezed my thighs against Rima's ribs, using our bond link to sense what she was going to do next.

Her wings snapped to her chest, doing a single barrel roll to the right. I hollered in glee as we leveled out, wings beating in sharp graceful movements. Soon the forest ended and Rima and I were surrounded by grass in the training yards.

"Come on, we gotta beat our record." I urge, determination blossoming in my chest.

Rima huffs in agreement as she glides just a few feet above the freshly cut grass. She banks hard, angling one red wing towards the sun. In her mind, I can see her searching for our target. But thankfully, we had done enough of these flights to know where the red and white bullseyes were with our eyes closed.

Sitting up, I reached behind me and drew my bow, readying an arrow on the tight string. I used our bond to look through Rima's eyes. Timing the release of the arrow to avoid hitting her wings, I aimed at the bullseye. With a steady breath, I fired, letting my arrow take to the wind before holstering my bow.

I regripped the lip of the saddle and Rima gave another beat of her wings to swoosh into the clouds, flying at a vertical angle.

Silently, I thanked the engineers at the academy for making a custom harness for me and my dragon. Though it took some bribing of extra food and longer flights to convince Rima to wear the leather straps on her back, it provides me with extra comfort knowing that I am buckled down on her back and won't be falling to my death anytime soon. And I also thank Lydia for constructing goggles for me to wear while riding so I can actually see against the pounding wind without looking like I had been sobbing for three hours straight.

White clouds engulf us and I lifted my face to the cool mist. Rima let out a roar, her heart thrumming against her chest in excitement. She loved being in the sky just as much as me. We were free. And no one could tell us what to do.

Except for a clock.

Blue sky erupted from white with rays of light reflecting off the grey metal of my uniform. Without glancing I could already see that the clouds weren't their usual explosive selves, like they were when I had first arrived here, almost a year ago. They were flat, with ripples that reminded me of waves.

Our dragon bond, or Dragon Eye as Cora calls it, allows my dragon to feel what I want before I can even think it.

Rima gave one more flap of her wings before I released one hand from the saddle, twisting backward to view the wave clouds. My dragon flared out her wings, stopping all the momentum she had built.

My breath hitched, caught in my lungs as everything around me freezed. Then after what felt like three minutes but was actually less than two seconds, gravity took over and Rima and I fell back into the clouds.

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