Why Are You Such A Snob?

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Hey guys, my teachers gave me less homework to do this week and I was very much in the mood to proofread my story. So, here's another chapter for you all where Easton and Norah have a little... one on one. Of course, Rima is always there to help out her human though, right? 

Sitting in my chair with my face buried into my textbook, I sighed, rubbing my face. I had wanted to study while the others were at dinner. The others were out in the cafeteria eating but I have had enough of that trashy food. Even after a month I still couldn't get used to the taste of the bland and burnt mush on my tongue. And it was the same meal almost every day, maybe every now and then they would switch it up and give you bread with your dinner but that was usually at the end of the week and today was only the beginning of the week.

Gazing around the room, eyes aching from staring at tiny black letters for too long, I looked at the once clean room that Lydia, Cora, and I shared. In the corner next to Cora's and Lydia's bunk bed was a lump of clothes, mainly our uniforms mixed in with our 'civilian clothing'. Part of me was grateful for the academy making us wear actual pants. If I had gone to the mages academy I would have been required to wear a cloak or skirt.

The lump of clothes was Lydia's and I knew that because Cora had her clothes scattered across the room. If something came off of Cora's body it would stay there until she needed me. Which drove me crazy. Is it that hard to neatly throw your clothes in the hamper. No. No, it's not.

When I had first arrived here I had done my best to keep the room clean to keep my brain calm and happy, but I gave up about three days ago. I used to spend hours cleaning the dorm but after a few minutes of my two roommates being in the dorm, it went back to its normal pigsty. But the urge to scrub every inch of this place until it was clean enough for surgery still poked at my gut.

Growing bored of studying I sit back against my wooden seat and curiously wander into my dragons head. Pine and earthy smells filled my nostrils when I looked through her eyes, seeing familiar pointy trees reaching for the sky. She was on the ground, stalking a herd of deer behind some trees, cloaking herself and moving as silently as a leaf falling to the ground.

Rima didn't mind me watching, in fact, she rather enjoyed it so she could show off some of her hunting skills. I folded my arms over my chest, letting out a heavy sigh of boredom when a knock at the door interrupted me. 

"Come in." I hollered, turning my head towards the wooden door. 

The door opened and in came Easton, his dirty blond hair looked like it had been wrestling with the wind, which in some terms was true. Even though I refused to admit it, he didn't look terribly bad. Too bad he was a total prick though.

Easton closed the door behind him, wandering over to me with something behind his back. "You forgot this at the lake." He held my bow towards me.

"Oh." I exhaled, patting my chest as I tried to feel for my bow string which was usually around there. Normally I wasn't the type of person to forget something, especially a weapon, but I hated this bow with every inch of my short body and could care less about what happened to it. It just wasn't like my old bow. I had to have a quiver for this one unlike my other one which would allow you to conjure up any arrow you could think of. But my parents took that away from me when they disowned me.

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