Chapter 4: Disappointment

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            I rubbed my hands against my jeans, wiping the sweat that had accumulated within the past few minutes. My fingers fidgeted with my thighs, pulling at the fabric of my jeans while it felt as if someone had just unleashed a cage of butterflies into my stomach. It was time, this day had clouded my thoughts every night for the past few days and hadn't allowed me to sleep ― I came up with hundreds of over dramatic possibilities that might happen to me up on stage. I knew that most of them wouldn't normally happen, but still, I continued to imagine the worst―  tripping on stage, saying something stupid, or getting some other symbol other than an element. The lack of sleep had no doubt given me baggy eyes, but thankfully there was a thing called makeup and coffee to fix that. 

My tongue grazed the roof of my mouth, the metallically taste of iron that bled out from my bottom lip, stinging mildly. But through the bundle of nerves, a little girl sat beside me, the largest grin on her face as she bounced up and down in my head.  Today was the day, I was finally going to be a mage.

          "You'll do great sweetie." My mother whispered into my ear assuringly, clearly seeing my distressed state. She and father had sat me down during breakfast, telling me about their plans that they had for me. I was to pack up my things after the ceremony, as all the new students did after the ceremony, and head to Belonia, Academy Of Magic, one of the top schools in the country. It was the academy that my sister and father had gone too, it was one of the best schools that a mage could go to. It was practically impossible to get accepted into, but, the school also held a large military where my parents worked and having good connections and a well-known name got me in. My parents had said that I was to learn how to be a leader like them and start sitting in on war briefings as soon as I completed my first year as a mage.

It was half-past twelve according to the sun, we were outside in a beautiful courtyard with large colorful trees and flowers almost similar to my backyard, except much more formal. Today was my birthday, along with almost everyone here, some may be a few days or even weeks older, but I was not.

My eyes scanned around the large sea of families and young eighteen-year-olds all sitting in long rows of foldable chairs. The bright sun gave a gentle kiss to my pale skin but would occasionally be hidden by the larger clouds.

A large wooden podium stood at the front of where all the families faced. Two staircases were placed on both sides of the podium to allow easy access to the young adults. The entire setup reminded me of a high school graduation if I had ever gone to a public school. Beautiful gardens and large stone sculptures surrounded everyone and giving off a formal while a cool summer breeze pushed against my hair.

            "Norah Crimson." One of the announcers called, from the podium. My pounding heart froze, breath hitching, as my fingers curled around the cloth of my jeans. It was time.

I stood up with my mother and father giving words of encouragement. My head turned to the center row, seeing my sister give me a thumbs up as I passed her. Soon I wormed my way past the row of people, politely stepping over the long-legged mages until I stepped into the center aisle.

Looking towards the stage in front of me I blanked out my face, concealing any fear or any doubt  I felt and kept my gaze firmly on the tall stone in the middle of three people. One person from each faction; the dragon riders, the mages, and the common folk. The walk to the stage, realistically took about a minute since my last name began with C, but in my head, the walk was long, dreadful yet filled me with eagerness and excitement.

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