Chapter 7: Some More Trains

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Author's Note:

Ooooo, were almost to the islands. I'm literally SO excited to share the chapter with you guys. I think I might actually post it tonight or tomorrow morning. But I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to everyone reading my book, you guys got me up to 100 reads! I love everyone who read my book and really hope that you guys vote for me. It really gives me the motivation to continue writing and post my stories faster.

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Cora Anderson, the overly chirpy, black-haired girl sitting beside me, was apparently one of my new teammates. She was sweet and kind, don't get me wrong, but in my current state of mind, she was just annoying... well more annoying than she would be for me on a good day. I had nicknamed her Twig for her long slender build. Clearly, she had never held a sword in her life since she had no muscle to do so. Her arms were thin and long, matching her legs and holding no curves. Her chest was flat, both a blessing and a curse.

During the entire ten-hour trip she had been bombarding everyone with questions and conversation. Most she directed at Maryanne and the blonde boy who had introduced himself as Jarald, and thankfully after numerous unsuccessful attempts to pry information out of me she gave up.

For most of the ride, I had listened to them all make small conversation while Twig bombarded Maryanne about what it was like to be a dragon rider. Maryanne didn't spoil much, saying that it wasn't enough to hear it but rather experience it. But after the relentless questions, she finally gave in and shared some knowledge about the dragon academy and it's people. Though I seemed to be looking out the window and not paying any attention, I soaked up every ounce of information I could in the hopes it would give me an edge in training.

When Jarald and Maryanne grew tired, Cora still persisted to try and keep the conversation going by talking to me, at which point I made myself as boring as possible and only responded with short sentences or small noises while keeping my head turned to the scenery outside.

Everyone on the train had fallen asleep beside me and my droopy eyes and heavy lids begged me to copy everyone else, even for a minute. My aching feet had stopped throbbing hours ago. They had pulsed and ached from the fifteen-mile walk I took from the ceremony home and then from my home to the train station. As the snow-covered mountains and forests swooshed by, my eyes grew heavy and I slowly blinked myself to a peaceful slumber.


Metal screeched as my body lurched forward, jolting me awake. My eyes shot open like a bullet, my hands gripping the cushioned armrests for support. I looked around the cabin to see that most of the students had woken and were looking out the window, whispering eagerly to the other.

Maryanne yawned, causing a whole chain of other yawns from Cora, myself, and Jarald. "We're almost there," She said, leaning forward slightly and looking out the window.

I, in turn, followed her gaze.

Snow laced a large stone building like a blanket. The building in front of us rose high with large glass doors embedded amongst the stone. Stain glass windows circled around a clock tower, allowing for a good view of the train station. High atop the tower was a large clock, it's two hands announcing that it was almost five a.m. From the window, I could see the cement platform where people walked along, singling out into long lines that lead to incoming or departing trains. Above the platforms, pointed roofs protected the pedestrians from harsh weather.

I yawned again as one of the dragon instructors told us to grab our stuff and make our way to train fifty-six. He said we had an entire hour before the train took us to our final destination which then would be another long trip up to the islands. Lucky for me, I had Maryanne to guide me to the train, allowing me to just wander through the densely packed area without much thought.

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