Chapter 15: Signals

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Palms pressed to my forehead, I hunched over the large book, flipping through the worn pages. Painted pictures of dragons, standing tall, with little black writing inscribed below them seemed to be losing its effect on me. Before, when I had first read this book, my brain absorbed every bit of information the little black words told me. But now, after reading the same books over and over again, my eyes seem to just be grazing over it and learning less and less. Everything seemed familiar, and upon reading them a light clicked in my brain, but I hadn't memorized everything to the point where I could resight the attributes of every dragon.

Hearing the wooden door creak open from behind me, my chattering teammates entered the semi-circular auditorium that easily housed fifty people. Their voices echoed off the white walls, decorated with dark glossy wood and uncomfortable red seats.

Lifting my head from my palm, I looked up to the top of the room, giving a quick glance at my team who made their way down to the front row where I sat. They were five minutes late and they were lucky I saved them all a seat, even Easton.

Choosing to be the bigger person I chose to ignore Easton's glare towards me and decided to resume my reading, going back into the previous position I had been hunched over in for the past fifteen minutes.

"Hey, sorry we're late." Lydia apologized as she took the closest seat to me, following, Cora, and then Easton.

"It's okay, you guys didn't miss anything, Fullerman is still getting his stuff out," I said, giving them a brief glance.

"See, I told you we'd be fine," Easton said snidely, making me wish I could conjure up a fireball like my mother and throw it at his face.

"Yeah, well bite me," I replied coldly, not bothering to look up at him.

"Don't tempt me." He sounded almost serious. I lifted my head to him, frowning and shaking my head with the 'what is wrong with you' look written all over my face. Cora and Lydia had done the same thing.

The man shifted his weight around awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck while trying to maintain a mean expression at me, but as soon as our teacher spoke up he quickly sat down, clearing his throat.

"Welcome class." Fullerman was dressed in grey pants, a plaid sweater, and dress black shoes. The entire outfit definitely fit his personality and matched his pepper colored hair and peach fuzz beard.

I glanced behind my professor at his small wooden podium that hid the black wheel suitcase he wheeled around with him. I always found it humorous when I saw him walking to the next auditorium to teach and strolling behind him was the little square suitcase.

"Now since we're already behind schedule, let's get into our lecture." Professor Fullerman began. "Turn to page eighty-six in your textbook."

People shuffled their stuff around, digging into their backpacks for their book which I already had out and had read three days ago. Once the room fell quiet again with everyone on the correct page our professor began his endless speech.

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