Chapter 12: The Instructor

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Author Note:

Hey everyone! Here's another chapter for you guys. I hope you all enjoy it and know that I'm plotting for the second book right now. I'm supers fucking hyped to write the next book but I gotta finish publishing this one, ugghhhhhhhh. But *looks over shoulder then whispers* there's skeleton people and war. *author squeals in the background*

Anyways, here's another chapter.

My peaceful slumber was abruptly ended with Lydia frantically yelling at me to wake up.

With a groan I dug my head under my pillow, feeling my head pound relentlessly. Annoyance gripped at my heart. There was no need to wake me up, I wasn't supposed to be in combat training for over a week. That means I didn't have to wake up at five in the morning for training like the others. But Lydia, was a jittery little bean, from what I could gather from yesterday.

Taking in a deep breath, I forgot about my bruised lungs. A white-hot flame shot through my chest, ribs cracking. I silently cursed my body to the gods. Last night, after what the dragon riders called dinner, I got a chance to look at my back. Everything down from my neck was just one big bruise from where Khalar's tail had whacked me. And because it was so painful to sleep on my back, I had to sleep on my stomach with a pillow propped under my armpits. The pillows were so that when I slept my ribs weren't being squished by my body weight.

But even with all these pillows, it was insanely uncomfortable. I barely got any sleep until later on in the night.

"Come on, you overslept and Holland is on his way up to see you," Lydia told me, her voice laced in urgency.

My eyes flung open, blinking disorientedly as I quickly unburied my head from the pillow I was under. The blinding light of the sun slipping past the light grey curtains made had me squinting my eyes as my view came into focus with. Cora and Lydia were standing in front of me. They were my roommates. Every team slept on the same level, no matter their gender. But if you were a boy, you typically lived in the conjoining room next door with some of the other guys.

Since my group and I were what the senior riders called 'scubs', also known as the freshman riders, we lived in the dorms nearest to the Main Halls where we would spend most of our time in classes, studying, and eating at the cafeteria. The other riders, like the seniors who were only a year away from completing their training, lived all over the islands in different dorms.

I learned all this last night from Easton, who had spent most of his life on the floating islands with his parents.

"Hollands coming?" I asked with a gruff voice, still groggily from my sleep. Holland was our instructor, one out of the two. He was going to teach us how to fight, well the ones who can't. My eyes flicked to Lydia and Cora, the two commoners who had told me last night they had never even held a sword before.

Holland was going to make sure we were fit enough and train us, while Professor Fullerman would teach us everything about the dragon riders. I hadn't physically met any of them, and had no idea that Holland was coming up to see me this morning. But from what Easton told Lydia and Cora, he had a nasty habit of whacking idiots over their heads. And I couldn't let the first impression of Holland be me in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, something the school gave every student, along with our uniforms.

Carefully but quickly pushing my non-injured hand against the mattress I began to climb out of bed and get ready, meeting an already dressed Cora and Lydia. Their hair was neatly tied up into a ponytail and they wore identical uniforms. Leather grey jeans and a fire orange shirt, partially covered by light sheets of metal that hugged their body perfectly made them look battle-ready.

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