Chapter 13: No Bows

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It had been about a week and a half since my first day at the Dragon Islands. Since then, my broken ribs and wrist had healed with the help of some elixirs my mother and father taught me. I guess something good did come out of their lessons. The potions helped increase my healing rate, which I think Nurse Judith was on to me but didn't say anything. Here on the Dragon Islands you were strictly forbidden to use or create any potions that could aid you in anything. They believed in hard work and letting nature heal you at it's own rate. I found it strange but didn't think about it too much.

While my team and Easton continued to train with Holland before the morning rays could rise, I was up reading about everything dragon and dragon rider related. This means that I woke up and read books that were older than me. Then I would eat with my team after their training and catch them up on what we would learn in Professor Fullerman's class that day. Though Easton hardly cared what I had to say because he had grown up around dragon's his entire life and like what my parents did to me, he had everything dealing with rides and dragons ingrained in his mind. And, despite my many, many hours of studying he was always better than me in class.

Some of the books I read were just on the dragon species while others were about the wars and extinct dragons. I had learned that there were two-colored dragons millenia's ago but they all went extinct because the mages killed them off. It had something to do with their bones having magic inside them, and fire mages were able to extract them for their own personal gain.

Another reason why Dragon Riders hated Mages.

Each day Easton would remind me that I was falling behind in my combat training

My head teacher and trainer Holland had assigned me to read every bit of text I could about the dragons and the dragon riders. Unfortunately, that came with me waking up, eating, and then reading for hours on end until the others came back from training. We'd go eat at the cafeteria and then go to our afternoon studies with Professor Fullerman, who taught us about the riders and their dragons, which due to my studying I was ahead of Lydia and Cora. I still didn't compare to Easton though since he grew up around this stuff. If I had become a mage I would have been light years ahead of everyone there, having the stuff drilled into my head at such a young age.

"Today's the day!" Cora effused in a squeal, her body tensing with excitement. She beamed one of her signature smiles. Through the almost two weeks of knowing my team the overly chirpy Cora Anderson, had actually started to grow on me. It took a while but I was actually starting to enjoy her being around me. Her and Lydia, the two commoners, got along like two peas in a pod. They were always chatting about their families and about how proud they all were when they were sent here. I did my best to not listen in on those conversations.

"Yeah, you excited?" Lydia, grinned shoving a spoon full of oatmeal into her mouth. It was almost impossible to hear her through the chattering students in the cafeteria. Everyone's voices seemed to bounce off the walls and come back three times stronger.

I nodded eagerly, rubbing my hands against my thighs to wipe off the sweat that had accumulated there. "I got the A-okay from the nurse and I am so ready to finally get some training in."

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