Chapter 8: Finally Some Fucking Dragons

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Jarald and Cora has eventually found their way to the other two seats in front of us before anyone could snatch them and we began our trip to Dragon's Bay. Cora, of course, continued to try to make full-blown conversations out of nothing. Feeling better with some food in my stomach that Maryanne had given me to munch on, I didn't feel as grumpy as before. But nevertheless, I was still as silent as a lamb, giving anyone who would try and talk to me simple and bland answers.

The joints in my body had begun to stiffen from being crammed into a metal box with no means of escaping, unless I planned to fall to death. The lack of movement had begun to make me squirm around in my seat, extending my legs and rolling my ankles. But for the most part, I remained relatively still.

My gaze was turned to the window, refusing to fall asleep. Mostly because I didn't want to miss this amazing view and also because I knew I would dream about the family feud that happened two days ago, though the longer and longer I stared out the window the less I thought about it.

Through the glass were the ever so changing clumi. I could picture it all so well, for one to be looking up from the ground these magnificent puffs of condensation may seem flat and dull, but above, from a bird's eyes view they were massive. They rose high into the sky, reaching for the bright blue skies with such spirit and grace, moving away as the harsh winds shook the tram from side to side.

There was something about the breathtaking view that had seemed to make me slip into a different reality. I wondered what it was like for dragon riders up here if they ever got used to this magnificent view. I didn't think that I ever could if I even was a true dragon rider.

A roar seeped from outside the safety of the tram, making me and everyone on the train perk up.

My hands gripped my thighs, heart beginning to race with both nerves and excitement. I wasn't an idiot, I knew exactly what that sound was coming from. I straightened my posture, eyes searching eagerly for the sight and hoping that they would fly up on my side of the carriage. By the gods, I hoped it did.

A pair of black wings broke through one of the clouds. I gasped, a smile spreading across my lips as a beast with onyx black scales and a long neck revealed itself, twirling and barreling through the sky. The dragon glided gracefully towards the tram, his emerald-gold eyes, looking into the red box. It's eyes glistened with pride like it's black scales and reflecting shades of purple. But most importantly, the dragon seemed to be really enjoying himself by the way his lips pulled back into what seemed to be a smile.

My chest leaned forwards, palm pressing up against the cold glass as the dragon leveled itself out right next to the tram.

The dragon, who -- I had pronounced as a he -- was beautiful. He must have easily been triple the size of the tram, which carried at least thirty people. A long skinny tail dangled behind the beast.

I peeled my gaze away from the dragon, seeing a much much smaller figure sitting on it's back. A man with dirty blonde hair grinned. His eyes which were too small to make out his eye color, seemed to be looking at me. But I doubted that he was looking at me, probably just someone close by.

But nonetheless, I gave him a cheerful smile and waved, seeing no harm in doing so. The man gave a two-finger salute before he pulled at the saddle on his dragon and the two banked away from the carriage.

With the dragon stretching it's large wings to the sun, it thrashed them downwards, giving itself a powerful boost up into the sky and soon disappearing out of my windows view. The whoosh of wind left behind them shook the carriage, making it sway from side to side.

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