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If you're reading this, CONGRATULATIONS!! You've waited patiently, week after week for me to update my story. And for that I thank you. 

I do plan on writing a sequel for my dragon writer book. If you want a hint of what's ahead for book two READ the Pinterest meme above, it should give you enough context. *Winks* But before I even start to write the book, I want to finish publishing one of my other books first. I highly recommend following me to be alerted of any other dragon book or transformers stories I post, and to most importantly to know when Book 2 comes out.

Please feel free to leave suggestions for the next book. Maybe a character you want to see. Maybe more detail or an increase in dialogue or more family drama (there's lots of that in the book already and lots of betrayals).

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported this story, even if you just found this book a few days ago. Knowing that you guys want to read my story literally fills my life with joy. 

Thank you.

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