Chapter 20: Candy Cane

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Holy shit everyone!!! My story got 1000 reads, I'm literally ecstatic right now. You guys have no idea how thankful I am to have such amazing people like you. Thank you for reading my book and for supporting it so much! There are absolutely no words for how much you guys make my day.

So last night I had a killer headache, and instead of writing, I finished plotting for the Dragon Rider sequel. Now all I gotta do is finish posting the chapters and then I can start writing the next book. I've tried really hard to not make it too cheesy or clique because it's annoying to write and even more annoying to read. So I put a lot of twists and turns in there. Hopefully, you guys will be surprised by them when the book does come out.

So I just want to give a little background on where Norah came from. When I make up my main characters I like to make them as similar to me as possible (but not all the way because that would be boring). Her body is very much similar to mine, and she loves to work out, also something I love to do. She's introverted and likes her space while also loving to be around certain people. Most of my characters are based off people I know like my little sister is very outgoing and a BIG extrovert. If I ever post more of my stories you guys could see the major differences/similarities between us.

I had thought the winds that funneled into the cove to be rough, but the wind flying back to the academy were harsher, pushing against me with all their might. My hair which I had tied into a tight bun before my first flight had fallen off in seconds, leaving my hair to whip my face in all directions. My mind went back to the first time I arrived at the Dragon Islands, seeing that black dragon soar through the clouds with his rider on his back. We weren't anywhere near that height but if Lydia or Cora fell of their dragon now, they may not die because of the pine trees cushioning their landing, but they would certainly break something. I wondered how violent the winds were above the clouds, and how riders could manage to clench their thighs for so long.

    Even as Holland leads my team and I back to the academy, my thighs burn and shake. Palms sweaty. Though someone would imagine the wetness of my hands would make it harder to grip Red's neck spines, my death grip had other things to say. Pines and needles stung my face as the wind continued to relentlessly pound against my face. But to my delight, I hadn't begun to feel the cold. Adrenaline, fear, excitement pumped through my veins and when my red adjusts to the wind, wobbling or banking slightly, I wonder if my veins would explode.

But if I got over the dying part, I loved it up here. The freedom was exhilarating. No one could tell me what to do, or that's how it felt. Holland could still bark out commands and I would listen. Up here, in the sky, even if we may be close to the ground, I didn't feel like Norah the failure. The girl who was destined to lead mage armies like everyone before her. The girl who had brought shame to her entire bloodline in one day. The girl who was supposed to do so many great things as a mage. In the sky, none of that weighs down on me. It's freeing.

    Carefully, I peered around my dragons neck, making sure to keep my chest as close to her neck as possible. Holland and his green were leading the way back to the academies, giving the occasional glance back at his three students. Easton, as expected had already riden a dragon before and was the best out of Lydia and Cora and I. He was also the most comfortable, sitting back on his orange and stretching his arms every now and then. Though I knew he was just doing that to brag to me, to find some way to undermine me and remind me that he was better than me. Because even with a dragon, a two-colored dragon, he still didn't see me as a dragon rider or an equal.

    So why have you been in hiding? The question had been nagging me like a bad itch I couldn't scratch for the past two hours. After all, two-colored dragons were believed to be extinct even before the darkening raged war on our planet.

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