Chapter 5: The Argument

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Author's Note:

Hey Everyone! I'm so excited to be getting closure to Norah going to the Dragons Academy. We're almost there! And shes just a few chapters away from finding her dragon.

Love you all for reading my story and would greatly appreciate it if you voted for the story/ saved it. Enjoy the story!

As the half moon shone down on me, a cool summer breeze drifted up along the back of my blue shirt, chilling my back which had worked up a light sweat. But that made sense since I had just walked about ten miles from the Choosing Day ceremony to my home. I had tried to catch a carriage for a ride home but no one would stop, they'd all just gave me a disgusted look before whipping their horse to go faster. Word always got around fast in the mage community, something I was once thankful for but now I absolutely despised it.

The street lights behind me glowed dimly, the long rows of mansions at my back had dark silhouettes of people wandering around their house from behind their curtains. Some people sat at a dinner table near windows, probably eating a very late dinner while gossiping about the latest drama and, most likely, me. A pureblood who had gone rogue and had decided to become a dragon rider. But it wasn't my decision, I wanted to be a mage, this wasn't my choice.

With light grey stone beneath my aching feet, my eyes took in the beautiful patterns of the pathway. Beautiful designs were carved out into smooth edges as freshly trimmed grass rose between the stones. Funny. I hadn't ever taken much notice of such small things until now, my final night here. After tonight, I was to head to the train station with all the other riders and go to the dragon academy where I would train to become a dragon rider. Though I doubted that I actually was a rider.

I rubbed my face, stepping onto the porch while thinking of the ceremony. I had to sit through that entire thing and pretend to act happy for all the kids who went up there getting an elemental symbol, a mage insignia. That was supposed to be me, not them. I was supposed to go to the mage academy and train, excel at everything their since I was supposed to be there. Mother and father had teachers already prepared to teach me how to become a strong leader, a general to lead armies like my sister, but I just trashed their plans, threw them out the window like garbage.

"Elur," I whispered with a heavy sigh, hand going to the doorknob and opening it as the porch lite up. Facing my family was the only way to try and salvage anything, I couldn't leave without trying to right myself, try and explain to them that I didn't want any of this.

Closing the door behind me, knotts coiled in my stomach, twisting and churning like someone does with a wet towel in attempts to dry it.

The house was dark and the only source of light was coming from the kitchen lights above and the upstairs hallway. Our hearth behind the grand piano had been lit, small remnants of smoke and ember still stirred in the fireplace. My gaze moved down to the kitchen as I approached it, nothing seemed out of place until I looked down. Glass was shattered and scattered across the wooden floors. They sparkled with anger from being thrown and crushed beneath my shoes.

The sight only made me more on edge, father was mad. He had a right to be, they all did. I disappointed, no. I humiliated them all, my family, my entire bloodline, everything had broken into pieces like the glass on the floor.

This is wrong. I thought while creeping up the stairs to my room, trying to be as silent as humanly possible. This was very wrong. My family was furious, and I shouldn't have even thought about coming here to gather my things, but I needed to explain myself to them, and I needed clothing for the trip. Even though Maryanne, one of the dragon riders who was too nice to me for comfort, told me that once at the academy students would be supplied with uniforms.

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