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Jimin took a day off from school.

No one questioned him. He just didn't come, and when the school called, he told them he was sick. That he would be back in the next day. And they believed him.

He took the time to lie in bed, rolling around and wondering what it would be like to be in Jungkook's situation. To find a mate, but lose a friend... well, at their school it was only to be expected. No omega went near an alpha without consequences.

It was fine. He didn't need a mate. He didn't need anyone to distract him from school, to control him, to demand more time than he was willing to give. He'd seen the guy. He didn't want him. The idea of being with him hurt too much.


Around the afternoon, he decided to go out. He needed snacks. He needed caffeine. He needed something to distract him from the pain of pushing another friend away. He yanked on sweats, checking the clock. He had time to go and come back before his next dose. Grabbing a beanie and sunglasses, he shoved his wallet in his pocket, shutting the door and locking it. His mother insisted on a passcode-- something about not making it easy to steal the ability to enter. He honestly didn't care. He didn't smell like anything. No one wanted to find him.

No one wanted him.

He hushed that thought before it could snowball into anything worse.

The walk to the convenience store was quiet, with soft grey clouds passing quietly overhead and a few birds hopping back and forth across the thin road. Jimin took his time, humming to himself and keeping his hands in his pockets. He felt warmer in the sweats than his school uniform, more comfortable with half his head and face concealed.

When he entered the convenience store, a couple was huddled in the back, debating magazines in whispers. The cashier watched them out of the corner of his eye, fingers drumming on the counter. Jimin grabbed a basket and moved straight to the snacks, loading everything he could see into it. Pastries, chips, candy bars, and a few sodas later, he found himself at the counter, waiting while the cashier rang up his purchase.

Which meant he was in full view when Taehyung and Jungkook walked in, arm in arm.

Jimin ducked his head, biting his lip and pulling the cash out of his wallet. But when he looked up, instead of noting that the couple had moved to the back, he saw that they had joined another familiar figure, one Jimin hadn't noticed when he entered.

Min Yoongi.

Jimin's breath stuttered. He barely registered the cashier trying to hand him the bag-- he was too busy looking for a clock. How could he be so stupid? How hadn't he noticed Yoongi? He would have turned around and gone right back out.

"Sir?" the cashier said.

"Sorry," Jimin mumbled, taking his change out of the tray and shoving it in the plastic bag. "Thank you."

"Please have a good day," the cashier said mechanically.

Jimin moved toward the door, glancing at his wrist. He'd left his watch and phone at home. Bad decision. Very bad decision. How far over was he? Forget that, had he hit his deadline? He glanced behind him, biting his lip, and jogged across the road, where he paused by a telephone pole, closing his eyes.

"Hello?" a voice echoed in his head. 

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