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Jimin leaned back, staring at the ceiling while his ice cream melted over his fingers. Beside him, Yoongi fidgeted, glancing over every now and then.

They were, perhaps, the only quiet people in the whole establishment. Couples teased each other, families chatted and shouted, and a pair in the back was definitely making out over their ice cream cones. Around them, their other friends gabbled on, exchanging stories and jokes.

Jimin was so tired. His body weighed him down, exhausted from the pain and coming down from the medicine and Yoongi's presence. He wanted to sleep, not to be here staring blankly at nothing while the disgusting, sticky feeling on his hand got worse and worse.

He stiffened when Yoongi wound an arm around his waist, and the alpha quickly pulled it away, apologizing quietly.

"Are you dizzy?"

Jimin closed his eyes, biting his lip, and sighed. ""

"Oh," Yoongi sighed, fidgeting. "Do you want to go home?"

It caught him off guard, which was perhaps why he whimpered, curling into himself, and nodded.

Yoongi hummed, then reached forward, abruptly, pressing close to Jimin as he snatched a few napkins from the dispenser on their table and began to wipe up his hand, gently turning the cone upside down in Jin's long-abandoned (and empty) to-go cup. Jimin watched, entranced, as Yoongi handled his hand as gently as if it were made of glass, carefully wiping the sticky melted mess off of it and then standing and gently tugging him to his feet.


"Home, if you'll let me," Yoongi said softly, and Jimin realized the alpha was carefully toning down his scent, trying not to overwhelm him. Which, of course, made him even more overwhelmed. Tears clouded his eyes, and he swallowed, looking down. Yoongi held both of his hands gently, swaying back and forth and rubbing the backs of them with his thumbs.

"We can ask Jin, too," Yoongi said. "If that helps. You don't have to do this."

Jimin took another shuddering breath, and everything spilled out of him in a sob. He closed the distance, pressing his face into Yoongi's neck, and wrapped his arms around the alpha so fast he almost didn't let go of their hands in time.

"What's wrong?" Yoongi asked, carefully reciprocating the hug.

"I wanted you," Jimin said. "I wanted you to be good. Why did you have to do that?"

One of Yoongi's hands came up to rest on the back of his head, and he swayed soothingly, humming a short tune in Jimin's ear. Jimin felt himself dissolve, and he knew, even as fear threatened to overwhelm him, that he needed to be here, needed to be with his mate, needed to hold him.

Why did it feel so good?

"I think you're right," Yoongi said softly. "Alphas are pretty stupid sometimes." 

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