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"Why won't they let me near you?"

Jimin was weightless. He opened his eyes and saw the Omegas clustered around him. Shouting echoed dimly in his ears. He sucked in a breath, trying to bring an arm under himself, and Seulgi came to his side, murmuring things he couldn't hear and running a hand through his hair.

"Jimin, what's wrong?" Yoongi sounded desperate, afraid. "What happened? I'm sorry I got so mad, I just-- please, tell me what's going on!"

Seulgi was directing a few of the Omegas inside of the circle down, lying down beside him and saying things he couldn't hear. Someone ran off, probably going for a teacher. It had been years since the last time a circle had been formed. Maybe that was why Yoongi sounded so afraid.

"Jimin, please!"

The ground swayed. Jimin whimpered, and the noise ceased for a moment, only to return ten times louder, pounding in his head. A low growl rippled through the circle, and Jimin felt Yoongi moving back, still confused and afraid.

"Please... I don't understand any of this..."

The pain wasn't in his head, though that hurt. It was traveling down, through his stomach and arms to his legs, then back up to his chest. Dimly, Jimin realized his pills had worn off. Yoongi could definitely smell him. He gulped, looking up at Seulgi, and the growl rippled around the circle again.

He wanted to laugh, or maybe cry. People constantly underestimated Omegas. They forgot that it took more than a soft heart to care for pups. It took fire and steel and the pure anger that most alphas only understood when their mates were hurt. Right now, with Jimin in the center, the Omegas' parental instinct was overriding their desire to obey or submit to the alpha, or even to let him closer. He was helpless, and no Omega left anything helpless in an alpha's hands, even if it meant they would get hurt.

Especially when it was a fellow Omega.

"Jimin, please. I just want to help."

Go away, Jimin thought. You hurt me. Go away.

"I'm sorry. I overreacted, I know, why aren't they letting me fix it?"

You can't fix it, idiot. You'll just make it worse.

"I just want to see you."

Please, Yoongi, Jimin begged, sobs of pain beginning to bubble out of him. Just leave me alone.

Some part of me has always wanted to fool around with the ideas in Omegaverse. One of the big ones was that Omegas are weak. I thought that was a little silly. Sure, an Omega might need protection, but couldn't they be stronger in another way? 

*shrugs* what do you think? 

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